Welcome to Multi Layer Mummy!

I am an entrepreneurial Mummy of 2 with huge age gap between my babies.  Raising my beautiful children has been an honour & a privilege & with baby chick born July 2010, a wonderful new challenge, she warms my heart & soul & is a very spirited little individual.   Being a WAHM with my own biz too, everything seems to require constant strategic planning to keep life running smoothly!

I have a great interest in health & well-being, food/nutrition for women & babies/toddlers & beauty/anti-aging treatments.  I'm a huge fan of cosmetics & testing out beauty products, treatments & services.  I make my own soaps & balms for the family & have a great love of baking & eating cakes.  My grandmother & mother were both fabulous bakers, I have many memories of mixing up cakes & licking spoons, I hope Toddler Chick will enjoy the process too!

I love a bit of fashion too, always loved clothes & especially shoes.  Now I have a girl in the family I am hoping she will share my enthusiasm for a bit of couture.

I enjoy photography & as well as countless photos of my loved ones, I take great pleasure in capturing images of food, plants & flowers, the more colourful the better!

We are in the throes of  re-renovating our house, its had a couple of incarnations & now we are building a home for our family again.  I love my home, its where I raised my children, so many memories in every part of it.  I hope to fill it with light & laughter again.

I enjoy writing & I'll  be reviewing products & services that I've found good for us, useful or downright brilliant, please see my PR/contact page for details.

Unless otherwise noted, all content is © Multi Layer Mummy.  If you re-blog my photos or work, please do link back to me. I will always give credit to photos etc, but if I blog about you and you would like it removed please email me and it will be done. 

Thank you for reading & hope to meet other Multi Layer Mummies along the way.