Life Changes....

so, my girl starts school on 10th September, she will barely be 4 years old and I am understandably just a little concerned about how it's all going to go. Legally she doesn't have to start school until September 2015 but my philosophy is, if you don't at least try something, you will never know if it was the best fit for you.

The letters have already started coming.... Welcome Miss MLM to your new school, we are inviting your mummy to come (daddy can do dinner, bath & bed) on the 1st July to meet the teachers, the school nurse, the govenors and more people I can't even remember now.

Then we have 3 afternoons, afternoons she would have been at her pre-school, for her to meet her new school friends and lastly a teddy bears picnic, now that I will enjoy!

So, as far as I am concerned, the school countdown starts from 1st July where I have to meet countless people to gauge who they are and how they fit into my tiny daughter's school life. Where I have to decide whether or not to buy a school uniform or 2 in advance and generally try and take it all in.... again.

We have to give notice to the pre-school where she has been so carefree and happy this year by 10th July. I'm almost hoping that June will last a long time this year, July is looking a little too serious for a precious summer and birthday month.

I've been a little quiet here of late, I seem to be so busy with one thing or 10, but I have been

a) been enjoying my time with Miss MLM, this summer is so important to us both, life is changing yet again for us both in September. We've been out & about enjoying!

b) at City Coastal Life & Style, my laid back lifestyle, photography, interiors blog.

c) at Nutritious Deliciousness where I love mostly to photograph food but also to write about it too!

but I can't help be here again to document our new school days and all that comes with it, I don't "know" it's all going to go pear shaped and everyone speaks highly of the school and the teachers, etc but I do have the t-shirt, hoping for a better experience this time.

Mr Gove has been getting on my last nerve for months now and me & Mr J widely differ on our views where education is concerned.

Buckle up, it's going to be emotional !



  1. what a lovely overview, can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

  2. It is hard sending them off to school, I found it much harder with my second than my first but they both love it luckily (well at the moment anyway!) It is one of those small, inevitable steps towards independance which are so necessary in the long run. I expect she will love it and you will be the one who finds it hardest. Good luck though and enjoy the summer.

  3. How exciting! I was worried about my son starting school but he was fine. On the other hand I admit to being more upset than he was ;)

  4. We were in your situation last year (H is 23rd August), but she’s loved being in reception, and it has been brilliant. Wishing you all the luck too! - jo

  5. Our eldest started senior school last September. It was really hard to let him go and watch him grow up overnight but he loves it. Little J is just 15months but starts nursery in Januray. I know I will be in tears popping over from

  6. I totally understand how you feel, my little boy starts in September, he only turns 4 in August! I'm very very nervous and emotional about it! Hope all goes well for you and I look forward to reading about your experiences x

  7. When my girl started in reception class it was a few days after her 4th birthday on the 29th of August! They went back on something like the 3rd! Try not to worry! My girl will be going into year 3 in September and she has just about caught up with kids who are nearly a year older then her x

  8. They do start so young don't they.. and this was one of the biggest reasons I chose to home educate. I hope her transition into school goes smoothly - and I hope you enjoy your last few weeks together before she starts x

  9. The same thing's happening to me! Austin's not so young (a November baby). But it will still be a wrench when he goes to school.