Silent Sunday


A Blogging Happy New Year

Wow, just where has another year gone!

I seem to have taken a bloggy holiday over the last couple of weeks (or so!).  Like most of you I haven't had much time to spare with all the festivities, so blogging/writing has taken very much of a back seat and so it should where family and making memories are concerned.  Life has gone by in a whirl of all that Christmas entailed and we have had some relaxing family time together.

Along the way we had a pre-school party with (very young) Santa, a visit to (more mature, more believeable) Santa at a local farm (neither of them would she go near) and I managed 3 parties of my own in one week, one with the girls, one with visiting friends from Canada and one with family.  With so many early mornings and late nights it's no wonder I caught my second cold in 10 years within weeks, my immune system was sorely tested but I wouldn't have missed a thing!

Last night we saw the New Year in celebrating with friends and fireworks (we just got them in before the rain came down!), with our messages to loved ones gone but never forgotten for a minute and a glass of fizz raised to the dark starry skies and heavens in remembrance.

I love New Year, time for fresh starts, new beginnings.  New Year seems to have lost its sparkle for many, I asked the young girls at pre-school how they were celebrating the new year and all said they didn't, I was so surprised, at their age we were at Trafalgar Square every year whooping it up and walking home at 2am, sounds like hell to most but we loved it and I hold very fond memories of those times.  

I can't say that 2013 was the best year but also not the very worst I have ever known.  It has been a frustratingly disorganised year with delays in what seemed like anything and everything.  If I can do one thing for myself in 2014 it will be to get life around me more organised and to finally finish our house, there's a lot to do and I can't wait to get stuck in again!

The stand out memory I have for 2013 was the glorious summer, it really did seem to go on forever *sigh* oh how I miss it!  TC and myself had the best time together, we did so much and I look forward to many more glorious summer moments with her this year.  

So, what will you be hoping for this New Year, more of the same or will you be trying to change things in your life, I know I will as there are things I really need to adjust/get on with/move forward on.  They say If you change nothing, nothing will change or words to that effect, simple but so true.

Wishing you all a very