HealGel Intensive - Review

I was recently asked if I would like to try out the award winning HealGel Intensive Advanced Skin Formula.  I had wanted to try the HealGel products for some time, definitely on my beauty wish list.
HealGel was created by a team of the world's finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons to provide genuinely effective treatments for all skin types, taking transformative skin care to the next level.


This light, non-oily gel which is suitable for all skin types, smells really fresh and clean and is designed to deliver active elements to the areas where they are needed the most.  It absorbs easily and gives a perfect primer for make-up.  
HealGel Intensive has many uses and was originally developed to improve the appearance of scars and diminish redness, it can also help in a number of skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. 

HealGel was also created as anti-ageing formula to firm, smooth and replenish the skin, all qualities I look for in a skin-care product these days, I'm all for holding back time for as long as possible and keeping my skin in good shape with minimum interference.  

The list of ingredients is pretty impressive.  Silicone which is firmly established as the optimal healing ingredient for scar treatment.  Arnica (which I have used for bruising and healing for many years, even after my c-section) and Madecassoside which is extracted from the plant Centella Asiatica (aka Gotu Kola) which soothes irritation, stimulates collagen synthesis and protects the skin against ageing.  
HealGel Intensive also contains several powerful peptides to increase collagen production, something that diminishes as we age, and decrease fine lines, swelling and puffiness.  It also contains anti-flammatory active ingredients to encourage a clear, healthy looking complexion.  Like I said, impressive!
For me as an former aesthetician this is fascinating stuff and for the full science bit, you can read how it all works together on the HealGel website.

Using HealGel Intensive over a number of days and nights to give it a real trial I have noticed that it really has enhanced my complexion and I am keen to try the other products in the range, the HealGel Eye which has light diffusers for a more youthful appearance and HealGel Face which along with the ingredients found in the Intensive product has a blend of Omega oils to replenish dehydrated skins and to restore elasticity along with Hyaluronic acid complex to plump and revitalise skin.
Disclosure: I was sent a full sized HealGel Intensive product for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own and totally honest. 

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