Sunday Prop Shop

I love photography, my father introduced me to it as a young child, as I grew I would help him develop his prints in the room under the stairs known as "the dark room", he's gone now but he left me his camera collection.  Things have moved on a pace and now my 3 year old is showing distinct signs of wanting to use the camera.  So far she has managed 76 selfies on Mr J's phone and a few point & shoots on an old camera of mine.  Every click brings a wow! from her which I love, hope her interest grows and grows.

Over the years I have picked up a few things here and there that caught my eye, I still have a lot them and now they will be making themselves useful as props in my photos.  And with Lucy from Capture by Lucy starting the Sunday Prop Shop linky it is a great place to showcase some of our finds.

I'm collecting mostly for my food blog over at Nutritious DeliciousnessI love food photography and food styling, it has become a real passion of mine.  At the moment everything is all over the place but I have promised Mr J that it will all be properly stored in a huge cabinet in my studio.   

Although I didn't know where to start, here are a few little gems I found recently along with a couple of fun buys for food posts.

a set of 3 beautiful teacups and saucers for £1.50

I bought this plate yesterday for 75p, it said Minton Bone China on the back and when I googled it, they go for up to £15.50!

and just for fun, love these primary school milk bottles, the paper straws remind me of being back there.

Now to organise that cabinet!

Pop on over to Lucy's to see what everyone else has collected, her blog is a beautiful place, looking forward to more styling tips too!


  1. I love those milk bottles and straws. I've got the same ones and they were so cute for Amy's birthday party. I also love your big basket x

  2. ooh looks like my basket & I have the bottles too! I completely forgot about getting my tea set out of the post too...that will have to wait for another week!
    Is that a trifle bowl I spy in there too?

  3. What an interesting bunch of pieces - and I remember those milk bottles from when I was at school! Great photos :)

  4. I love those old milk bottles! I'm hankering after some Milton fireplace tiles at the moment but they're definitely not at the bargain prices of your plate! What a bargain!.

  5. I collect little cups and saucers and glassware purely to use and admire. Never thought of using them as a prop but that's probably because I'm a point and shoot person and have little clue about styling a photograph. It's a lovely idea though.

  6. How cute are these! I started blogging recipes with one white plate and used that for pretty much every post until a month ago. Then I discovered food props. Very dangerous (and oh, so fun). Yours are adorable!

    Amy | Club Narwhal