Baker Days Letter Box Cakes - Tasty Review

When Baker Days approached me with a chance to review one of their letterbox cakes I said yes please immediately.  Cake.  We love cake.  I was asked how they could personalise the cake for me and at once I thought of TC, but as she had an enormous cake in the shape of number 3 for her birthday I thought let's have something that features both of us as mummy and daughter.

What better than the Multi Layer Mummy logo/avatar on the blog header.  I didn't hear back for a few days until a package plopped onto the door mat.  I can't tell you how excited I was to open the box and then the tin to find this!

TC and myself jumped up and down clapping, Cake!! TC exclaimed - she learnt that word very early, I wonder why!  

The cake arrived intact in excellent packaging inside a cute little round reusable tin with "Just for You" embossed on it, just lovely.

As a bonus there was also balloons, blowy thing (what are they called??), candles with holders and a personalised card, everything you need for a mini celebration.

The vanilla sponge cake itself was moist and really delicious, although I really did not want to cut into it, I loved the personalisation so much.  I would definitely order one for family and friends especially good for thank-you's and celebrations, a really special way to say it with cake!

Baker Days have a huge range of Photo cakes, Personalised cakes and Cupcakes to choose from take a look at their range here.

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  1. What a wonderful idea to have your avatar. Looks fab!