A Shaggy Dog Story

When I first met Mr J he had a dog, a wonderfully hairy, shaggy, ginger dog called Bailey.  They came as a package and we became family.  A while later we added a feisty Yorkie Cross (something) to the fold and Bailey and Moxie became a team.

Until I had children of my own, these two were like my children, although now I see how easy they were compared to a human 2-3 year old!  We walked twice a day for miles even when I was pregnant and they gave us so much pleasure and unconditional love as well as chewed up shoes and extremely hairy carpets!

I did struggle with keeping the dog hair under control vacuuming twice a day and when I saw that Dyson vacuum cleaners had a version called the Dyson Animal with the promise of removing more pet hair from our carpets than our current one at the time, I had to try one.  I thought our carpets were relatively clean from the twice daily vacuuming and the amount of vacuum bags I filled, but when I saw the cylinder fill up as I sauntered from room to room I was sold on how effective these vacuums really are!  

I had 6 wonderful years with Bailey when he passed away at 14.  I cried for a week solid, my eyes were so swollen, I thought I'd never cry so hard ever again, I was wrong.  Moxie missed Bailey so much we decided to recruit another dog and the very next day Pet Rescue called us with a puppy needing a home immediately, destiny.  

Chesney was the image of Bailey, even though they were both mixed mutts, he was a gift from up above, someone was listening or fed up with all my wailing!  I forgot to ask what breed the dog was in my excitement, this tiny puppy looked like a Lassie dog and then grew into another huge ginger, hairy rug that that stole my heart for another 14 years.

All our dogs were/are rescue dogs, the stories behind each one is a story in itself, but it has been our utmost honour to give these dogs a home, they have repaid us a million times over with love, loyalty and a lot of licked faces, worth every hairy second.


Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post but all memories and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow what a wonderful story and so beautifully written, lump in the throat! I can really see you as a couple with Bailey and Moxie before the kids came along. It must have been great comfort for Moxie when Chesney arrived. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. Thanks Charly, I have so many little stories about the "boys", loved them all!

  2. Ah that's so lovely - and v interesting about the vacuum. We've got our hearts set on a Boxer and she will be a she to help with balancing out the male:female ratio in our house, but we're not ready yet. We know she's there though - destiny - like you say? Can't wait to meet your mutts x