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Summer... the best time of the year, when the days are longer and the birds start their chirping at 4am, luckily for them, I am still in the land of nod then.

But summer is so much more, everything flourishes.  The grass goes at speed overnight even though I mowed it the previous day.  The flowers and fruit in the garden make their appearance and make the garden look and smell wonderful. The heat from the sun fills the garden with the sensory delights of Honeysuckle and Lavender.  Every part of the Lavender bush is infused with aromatic oil and I take a deep breath as run down the front path ever in a hurry!

Even our hair apparently grows faster in the summer, there appears to be a correlation between the summer heat and hair growth.  My hair and nails grow like weeds anyway, always trimming or snipping something!

We can fling the windows open for a fresh summer breeze, I like to have the windows open every morning winter or summer, drives Mr J mad in the winter and he follows me around closing them!

We had a picnic in the park on Sunday afternoon with a pile of friends and babies and children, it was warm and sunny and everyone was dressed in summer dresses and shorts.  The children ran around playing only stopping for a drink or a nibble, it was relaxing and chilled, finally the start of summer.

Summer also means dining al fresco. There's something quite lovely about dining in the garden when TC is fast asleep, popping open a bottle of something chilled and unwinding.

Summer ..... the best time of the year.  I sometimes sit in the glow of the sun and remember summer's gone by, lost in my memories.  I..Summer.

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  1. Summer brings new freshness in the life. Yes! Summer also means dining al fresco. In the summer Sunday whole family can enjoy.

    Aaron |
    Massage for Events

  2. What a lovely post - encapsulates summer perfectly. It's so great to see some sunshine. I love it!!


  3. I didn't know about the hair growth thing, the other day I was thinking I may need another haircut soon but I only had one a couple of months back - that explains it! I love Al fresco dining but I love BBQs the best :)

  4. I'm so with you..... dining outside, sitting in the garden - it's just lovely. I like the windows open too - it's good to have fresh air in the house, and that photo is fab! X.

  5. Lovely post - you strike me as a summery type person MLM. I think it's because I know you love your garden and live near to the sea! Summer evokes a nostalgia for me re bygone days too that I don't seem to get with any other season. x

  6. That's a brilliant photo and a lovely post. I love eating outside too and we always eat a lot healthier in the Summer, lots of yummy salads etc x