The Gallery - Two

This week's theme on The Gallery over at The Sticky Fingers Blog is Two.

We are in the midst of learning to count here, I feel I must recite 1-2-3-4 and so on along with the whole alphabet in my sleep!

Two is the age TC achieved last summer, in a few short weeks (all my weeks are short or so it feels!) she will be Three.  The last 10 months have gone by in a haze of learning, at Two they are little sponges, sucking in every last miniscule piece of information they hear or see and then attempt to do.

The physical side, the crawling, the toddling, walking, climbing and falling all perfected except she still goes splat! occasionally when she runs faster than her gorgeous legs can take her usually after our very sweet dog who is now blind, she loves him and realises now that he can't see and helps him around the house.  Brings a tear or two to my eye.

It has been another wonderful journey from Two to nearly Three, the speed at which they grow and have the energy to go and go is still a wonder to behold even though I have done this part more than once.  Watching them grow is an honour and a privilege.

I don't want to let go of Two, when people ask how old she is I say Two and.....whatever it is, I want Two to last a bit longer, I love her being.... Two.



  1. I am already stressing about Joshua becoming 3 and he was only 2 in April

  2. 2,3,12,22, 32, they all come far to quick. love the kisses with the dog

  3. Two sure is a lovely age as they start to develop their own personalities, three is pretty good too though!

  4. What a lovely picture of TC and the doggy. Three is a great age - they really start coming into their own. I have so much fun with Little A now. X.