Sun Dance! - How Does Your Garden Grow 4

Well, there's another week done and dusted, by Thursday I can see the weekend in the near distance and look back at the week and wonder who made it go so fast! 

I hope you're all going to thank me for the Sun dance I did last week, it was more like a mini tantrum in the garden when it rained again, but it worked, someone was listening and this week, wall to wall sunshine!

My Peony has finally flung its petals open with great aplomb and fanfare, usually once the flowers open the rain will come and soak it and ruin the flowers, but this year it seemed to say "I'm not coming out till it stops raining!"  It's had large juicy buds for much longer than usual, waiting for the sun.

Mrs Fox last week told us in her Garden Tour that "The common name for Aquilegia is Columbine which comes from the Latin for Dove, this is apparently due to the resemblance of the inverted flower to five Doves clustered together". I did not know this!  I literally ran into the garden and checked out all of my Aquilegia and now I can't look at one without seeing the Doves! 

Anyway, instead of boring you all rigid with my garden this week, I thought I would show you Lilac Park.  Every year the spectacular park which is packed with differing shades of pinks, creams & of course lilacs bloom profusely and the scent when you get in the middle of the park is amazing.

A few years ago the Park was targetted by thieves, leaving it devasted.  This park has been being built up since the 1960's and featured 320 types of Lilac.  The Park was given National status in 1972, the pictures below are how it is today, recovering.

How does your garden grow this week, pop on over to Mammasaurus blog to see how everyone is blooming this week!



  1. i really need some peonies.... yours is beautiful! how awful that someone would vandalize such a beautiful place. people really are awful sometimes

    1. it was such a shame, taken years to get back to this stage, hopefully they will continue to do well.

  2. yippeeee your peony is out!! They're so pretty aren't they? And they stay around for some time too. I'm so pleased :) The Lilac park looks so pretty too. Great post xx

  3. What stunning flowers - I love peonies. Didn't know about that lilac park - am going to investigate it!

  4. Your Peony is absolutely glorious, the colour is fabulous. I love Lilac and have a tiny one with about 3 as yet unopened blossom heads. The park is just magnificent, despite the thieving gits trying to steal the contents. Sometimes I do despair of people. I'm glad it's recovering again.

  5. My peonies aren't out yet. Yours is lovely. they don't last long do they, that's the trouble. Love the lilacs. Ours will soon be on its way out but then the roses are waiting.......

  6. I love the smell of lilac and yours is just flourishing! That park looks awesome - why anyone who vandalise it is beyond me, but glad to see it's recovering. Such a relaxing looking place.
    Lovely peony, the sun really has done a good job this past week hasn't it?

    Thanks for joining in again, I've loved seeing your photos x

  7. The peony is incredible, I've come to adore them in recent years after struggling with some badly sited ones that went leggy and top heavy a long time ago. What a shame re Lilac Park - it looks good now, glad to hear a happier trajectory is back in progress. Beautiful flowers, must all smell ammazing x

  8. I was fascinated by the story of the Doves, funny that! The park looks amazing, I'd have a field day there - beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing place :)

  9. That is a great story about the doves. I have aquilegia's all over the place! Love the lilac park, very pretty and I love seeing peonies in bloom. They are always so short lived it's annoying!

  10. I love lilac, the park must smell amazing when they are all in bloom, lovely. Your peony is also beautiful

  11. The lilac park sounds and looks lovely - can't believe it was targeted by thieves. And that Peony looks superb. X.