Beauty-full - Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Elemis is an amazing, leading luxury British spa and skincare brand I have been using since its early days.  As with all the brands I favour, I cherry pick the ones I love and that suit my skin.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is a powerful, super-cleansing, luxurious balm that will sweep away make-up and remove impurities without stripping or drying the skin.  It is suitable for most skin types but especially favours the normal to drier types and those of us who look for anti-aging qualities.  It contains a fusion of fragrant oils and waxes including a signature blend of geranium, lavender, chamomile (my 3 favourite oils!), eucalyptus, ho wood, orange, menthol and clove which is blended into the highest quality shea butter, wheatgerm, oat, coconut, starflower and elderberry oils.  Finally this is all perfectly infused with mimosa and rose floral waxes which soften the skin, restoring elasticity and tone.

If you have never smelt or used floral waxes you are in for a treat, concentrated.divine.aromas, I have used them when making my own balms and soaps, a very luxurious item that adds richness, texture and fragrance.

The top ingredient throughout the whole Elemis Pro-Collagen range is Padina Pavonica, a new one on me, known for its anti-ageing properties, it also improves the skin's elasticity and firmness.

How to use:

For daily cleansing, smooth over face (avoiding the eyes, I always use a separate eye make up remover product), neck and décolleté, gently massaging into the skin, moisten fingers and continue to massage before removing with the cleansing towel (dampened) that comes with the balm, this also has the added benefit of gently exfoliating the skin which, in turn, will improve the absorption of your day and night creams.  Your skin will feel smooth, hydrated and comfortable.

The Balm can also be used as a treatment mask for a deep cleanse, smooth generously over face and neck with dry fingers and massage in to warm the skin. Leave to melt into your very grateful skin for 10 minutes.  Wet the cleansing towel with (not too) hot water and place over your face to steam for a couple of minutes as an optional extra.  Use the towel to gently wipe away any excess balm cleanser.

I have been oil cleansing my face for years with a hot cloth, I learnt this from a beautiful lady at the salon my mother used to frequent in London, her skin was flawless and she was in her 70's.  The Elemis cleansing balm has so many wonderful nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients and I've seen a noticeable improvement in my skin which has been "normal" forever but now is heading over to the drier side, so I need all the extra help I can get! 

I purchased mine as part of a kit, but Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm retails at Time to Spa for around £39.50 for a generous 105g of product. 



  1. I have just discovered Elemis after a friend bought me some Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for my birthday. AMAZING STUFF. I never thought I'd stray from my beloved Clarins but I have to say this stuff is super. It is on the pricy side but there are some good deals to be had if you shop around.

    1. I've used Elemis for years, I love Clarins too, we used to pop over to France to buy it, them's were the days!

  2. This sounds wonderful. Good cleansers are few and far between, but this sounds like so much more. Going to have to give Elemis a try I think!

    1. Try QVC, they usually have some good deals on there, you will love Elemis x

  3. You can always trust Elemis to come up with great products.
    I am yet to find one of their product to disappoint me