The Slow Blogging Movement

I've been indulging in a little slow blogging this week, kind of accidentally on purpose, stepping back, but also with another busy week personally and professionally thrown into the mix.  There is always something to do as a blogger, writing, taking photos, photo editing, reading, commenting, joining in on linky's, carnivals, meme's and probably a lot more that I'm still not aware of.  Sometimes the week just flies away from me and it's Friday before I know it!

Having read the post on Tots100 about the Slow Blogging Movement it threw up some interesting points and also made me think about why I came into blogging in the first place.

I am absolutely loving blogging, somewhere to write and indulge my love of photography, a memory box for my daughter, a place to share what I love and to share in other people's lives through their blogs.  My food blog is a place to write about my passion for food, health, nutrition and travel.

To quote from the Tots100 post - "Slow bloggers use their blogs as places to reflect, rather than feeling the entirely illusory pressure many bloggers feel to be witty or fastest or first with the latest hilarious Internet meme, linky or fad"

But as enjoyable as some of the many linky's, meme's, etc circulating are, it does feel like a blogging merry-go-round at times, where you either jump on for the ride and improve your stats, page-views, followers and such like or you rank low in the metrics. 

The new Tots100 metrics are coming into play next month and a seemingly whole new way of measuring our blog's worth in cyberspace.  Klout and Kred which I had barely come across plus Twitter amongst others will now be tapped into for stat's.  I love Twitter (I wonder if there is such a thing as Slow Tweeting), it's my new favourite place which, as overwhelming as it can seem at times, has provided a great outlet and is a networking gem for business.

So, slow blogging or blogging at high speed - the tortoise or the hare, maybe there is a flower-scented, tree lined path straight down the middle where the air is fresh and the pace is steady - that's where I'll be heading because I want my blogs to have longevity and I want to continue to enjoy blogging and not be concerned about how many posts I've managed this week or next or what everyone else is doing or become consumed with stats and rankings.

Do you feel the pressure as a blogger to over-achieve or have you settled into your steady blogging rhythm?  More importantly, are you still enjoying blogging, if not, maybe time to slow it down, jump off the merry-go-round a few days each month and take time to breathe.  But if you love the thrill of the chase then maybe speed blogging is for you.

I'm entering this post into the Tots100 Slow Blogging Carnival #slowblogs


  1. Really, they're going to look at Klout and Kred. I don't keep Klout up to date - you have to renew their access to your fb and twitter accounts - as I was beginning to feel like the product rather than the client (Jax Blunt's phrase not mine @liveotherwise). Kred seemed very complicated. I guess I'll just take my chances and stick to writing my blog for the fun of it.

    1. I believe so MLSM, I am so not up with all this, blogging for fun is the way to go!

  2. I have been blogging less of late (cos I'm writing my book,and moving) but I have found because of it, the quality of my posts have been getting better - and I think that is the point to blogging for me - quality over quantity. If I get stuck with it all and uninspired I tend to take a weeks break and come back to it. As for the Tots 100 metrics - MEH! X.

  3. Of late I've definitely been a slow blogger...more by life circumstance than anything else. Some days I feel I have so many posts whirling around in my head that I'd love to write, but i just never get the time. Like you, I keep my blog as a memory box of life with my boys, and in that sense, it's a shame that I can't post more, but, in those moments when I feel frustrated I think to myself living life must come before writing about it. Children/babies are small for such a short time, and the bits I get the time to write about are the icing on the cake. I guess it's also a natural self-editing mechanism too - I have to be selective!

    I only blog for fun, I don't write sponsored posts or reviews and in that way it does keep the pressure off as I don't feel I have to worry about stats or deadlines. And I confess, I've never bothered to even find out what Kred or Klout are. BUT, I do love being part of a community and I want to contribute to that an keep up with the blogs I love. That is important to me. It's obviously easier if other bloggers I love are slow bloggers too as there are less posts to try and keep on top of! But each to their own I say, for some people, I think blogging can be a form of therapy or release and in those situations, blogging regularly can really help them.

    I love blogging and like you I'm in it for the long game (hopefully). I think I've found a happy balance for right now.

    Sorry for the long comment. Very thought provoking post.

    1. Its the time factor too isn't it MP, I have a full life & started blogging for myself & TC plus my foodie blog (which is even slower!). It will never be therapy for me but as you say each to their own and I'm sure it helps some. Love your blog and your writing x

  4. Very interesting post. I am very new to the 'blogging world'. I am such a newbie, in fact, that on my BritMums Live sign up form I classed myself as an 'intermediate' blogger, not realising that I knew absolutely nothing - until I started going onto the BritMums forums and meeting other bloggers. I am now finding out about Linkys and things, but still feel like I have only just dipped my toe into the water.

    Now, though, I find myself constantly needing to remind myself of why I am writing, and what it was I set out to do. Like you say, it is so easy to keep hopping from linky to linky and try to join in with everything. But the readers I already have signed up because they liked what I was already doing - I imagine they would feel a little confused and bemused if all I did was link up to things they have never heard of - or worse, started posting nothing but product reviews or something.

    So I heartily applaud the idea of slow blogging - although it does amuse me in a wry sort of way the slow blogging itself is a community-initiative with its own badge...


    1. It is a good idea to remind yourself why you are writing sometimes, I never have that problem! I do a few linky's but not usually every week or it can become a chore rather than the pleasure it should be. Welcome to blogging! x