Mummy's Many Mantels

Happy Mother's Day

There are single moments in life which are defining and irreversible, the birth of my children are such moments.  Apart from the sheer overwhelmingness of it all, where I gave birth we have a stunning sea view from way up high and every time the sun came out as I gave birth, no really it did, Mr J confirmed it when I thought I may have just glorified those exact moments a little. 

When I was a first time Mummy (with a capital "M") many years ago I just got on with daily life, raising my beautiful boy and all that life threw at me back then, you know the stuff of life and all that it entails.  I remember someone saying that as women we wear many mantels, many hats, Mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc, all those titles had their own challenges.  The time constraints of work for both of us and being our parents' children too were just two of many such challenges.

How things have changed for me this time round and how some things will always stay the same.  My many mantels and hats are still there but some have fallen away.  
In no particular order, here are a few ....

Chef/Nutritionist, many meals and snacks a day, every day, nutritionally sound, always made with love and sometimes rejected. I hate it when that happens, but such is the growing child.

Teacher, from their first words, their ABC's and 123's, the list is endless over the years.  Fascinating stuff how we learn.

Singer, well she doesn't know yet that I can't hold a note, infact, the more out of tune and louder we sing, the better she likes it and the more giggles we have.

Psychologist, figuring out the emerging child and being fascinated by some of it.

Psychic, knowing where everything has been "relocated" like car keys and my tweezers!

Bodyguard, Mama bear always keeping them safe.

Chauffeur, how many miles have I clocked up since TC was 6 days old, we go out on average 6 days a week and I do love our little trips, one of her first words was car, then car key!

Housemaid, cleaning up their mess, TC is a copier, so she already tries to load and unload both the dishwasher and washing machine, we've had a few broken plates and clean washing dragged along the floor and piled up on a radiator, but it's all good.

Nurse, it goes without saying that we are all nurses and know our children so well we can instinctively feel when they are becoming unwell, sometimes 
even before they do! 

Hairdresser, I have yet to trust a hairdresser with TC's silken locks, like mine her hair grows like a weed, so many fringe trims and some of them are actually straight!

Fashionista, when we're that young we look good in anything, sadly for me those days are past, but TC looks treat in everything and having a girl after all these years I cannot help dressing her up!

Fairy Tale Teller, to glide her into a happy sleep, where they all live happily ever after...

& as the years go on and as TC grows up into a young lady, a teenager, a whole host of new hats and mantels as well as those already worn will be donned, like….

Confidante, hoping she will tell me everything that is going on in her life, her secret crushes, her hopes and fears.

Inspirer, when things aren't going her way or to help her decide which other way to go.

Cheer-er-upper, for when those pesky hormones start to jump around causing chaos, having the tissues and hot chocolate at the ready!

Nurturer, comforter, kisser, cuddler, hugger, squeezer - making the very most of her wanting to do all those things and holding on tight, I know these times are precious and fleeting as the years.....
The list is happily endless, I'm sure you can think of many more mantels/hats you wear as Mummy every day.

In memory of Matilda Mae on Mothers Day


  1. Such a lovely post. I think TC is very lucky to have a Mummy like you. x

    1. That brought a tear to my eye MP, Mothers Day is bitter sweet for me, keeping the ones I have close and remembering the one I lost. EB & Pip are the luckiest boys too having you as their Mummy xx

  2. To add to my list: 'drawing board'. J currently *obsessed* with drawing on my hands. Thinking of trying to pass it off as the latest nail art trend...

    1. excellent idea about the nails Hattie, make sure you take photos of J's drawings no matter where they end up!

  3. Belated Happy Mothers Day - what a wonderful mum you are! X.

    1. Thanks OM, to you too, you are a fab mum to Little A too, hope you had a good day when you got back from your writing workshop XX