Crazy Weather!

It's March 12th and a week ago we were celebrating the warmest day of the year so far.  Today this is the scene that awaits me as I open the front and back doors.

A few days ago I planted a planter full of beautiful miniature daffodils to greet everyone at the front door, they were blooming lovely and now flattened, soggy and frozen under the weight of the fresh snow.

I was all set to start turning over the beds in the front garden, ready for the seedlings and new plants I very excitedly wanted to sow and plant but it's not happening this week! 

Last year the cold weather and wind knocked off all the beautiful, delicate pink blossoms off my apple and cherry trees, we have 4 and 2 respectively and very few cherries appeared on the trees that I have nurtured from sticks bought at the local nursery and absolutely no apples - I never thought I'd miss the apples as we have a glut every year and are all appled-out by September but miss them I did and hope this late cold snap (understatement!) won't harm the crop this year too.

I can't believe I was basking in the warmth of the Spring sunshine this time last week, it goes to show we need to make the most of every thing when it comes along, except the snow!  Go away snow, come back warmest day of the year please.


  1. I quite agree. Have now had enough of the cold and need some sun on my skin. x

  2. March and April are funny times of year - you never know where you stand! But these last two weeks have been particularly weird... have been reluctant to go outside - too cold. X. Sorry about your miniature Daffs!

    1. hilarious OM, I know what you mean, Easter is early this year, the weather better sort itself out by then! :) The daffs are recovering now the thaw is set in, nursery cancelled too :( xx

  3. We all need some sun now, so fed up with being cold! Bring on the Summer and this time a proper one

  4. I am so over the snow now! Thankfully it hasn't struck us again...yet! ;)