This week - 5:2? Eating out and a cold!

This week has been another busy one, no half term here as we are still at the nursery stage.  I've had to contend with a night out with the girls and Valentines Day dinner with friends, all involved some lovely food and a few drinkies, all very enjoyable and not to be missed, life can be full of downs sometimes so a chance to relax and enjoy is to be taken full extent of!

This week I managed couple of 5:2 fasting days, although I think I probably went over the 500 calories on both days but I'm getting pretty good at judging the calories.  I'm still in that honeymoon phase of being fascinated how many calories are in foods!

This week I managed one session with the kettlebells, really like them and the workout DVD so will be upping their use next week.

This week I have decided not to weigh myself, I still feel like I'm continuing to lose weight, just wanted a week off the weigh in.  TC decided to do the weigh in instead, it's been a while since I was 2 stone 7lbs!

This week TC caught her second cold in 4 weeks since she started nursery, this is a child who has only had 3 sniffles in the 2.5 years she has been on this earth but I knew that this may happen and with all the kissing that goes on round here, she is a prolific kisser and we love it but inevitably she has passed it on to mummy!  I rarely get a cold and a cold makes me want to eat, say no more! 



  1. A week off the scales can do you good. I'm a big fan of the 5:2 diet, good luck for your next weigh in.

  2. You are doing so well! And why bother weighing yourself - you can see that you are losing weight, and feeling good !? I think it's good balance not to weigh yourself every day. Nursery does that I'm afraid but then it will help her build her immune system!

  3. I hope you're both better soon. Good luck with your next weigh in :) xx