Daydream Believer

daydream - a pleasant, dreamlike musing or fantasy whilst awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes. 

When I was a small child I noticed my dad used to daydream, his eyes would glaze over whilst he stared off into the distance, he looked relaxed, I remember staring at him wondering what he was thinking of.  If I interrupted his daydream he would gently scold me then tell me to always daydream if I got the chance. 

When my grandfather passed away I went to stay with my lovely grandmother for a week, she seemed to daydream the days away, she said it felt like she was seeing a film playing through the entire time with my grandfather, all the memories of love and marriage and having a house full of 4 daughters. 

The advice out there is to daydream more.  Apparently our brain is not designed to go full pelt all day, it is supposed to rest and regroup at least every 90 minutes (not with a toddler around clearly).  

Like meditation, daydreaming allows your mind to take a break, to release tension and anxiety and "return" refreshed.   Mine is usually working full on all most days, except for a time a few years ago when I had a family loss, then I seemed to daydream over and over, losing myself in the moment, maybe the brain's way of making me take time to work through the grief, where I could have some peace, it lasted for months and still there are times when I am lost in glorious daydream of times gone and sinking into my memories - again not with a toddler around! 

I do like the chance to go off into a world of quiet, where all my hopes and dreams seem to be played out in front of me, then *snap!* back to reality, awfully good while it lasts though ......

my favourite place to daydream

Are you a daydreamer??  


  1. Lovely post!!!! Yes I am a very big day dreamer - it's where all my creative ideas come from - it's good left brain, right brain to let your mind wander and dream! X.

    1. it's so true, I daydream in the bath and then think of so much to write, except I never have a pen handy LOL!!! xx

  2. I think it's incredibly important to day-dream. It's a way of touching base with yourself, something we don't get unless we take it in today's hectic, high-tech world. For some reason we have an aversion to the stillness in our minds, even taking books into the toilet with us so we don't have to be alone with ourselves!
    I've noticed I get my most creative ideas when I'm showering or have just gone to bed - we don't give our minds many opportunities to speak to us; we should listen to them more because after a while, we lose the ability to hear them.

    1. I read on the toilet! I love reading and I need to take every opportunity with a toddler around. Again that is so true, as I'm falling asleep I get many ideas, some of which I even remember in the morning!

  3. everyone should daydream more, thanks for reminding me!