5:2 Alternate Day Diet - week 5

Weighed myself yesterday morning expecting no weight loss as although I have fasted this week I have also had family celebration lunches and dinners last weekend which involved a) cake b) cheese and c) wine!  So very pleased to see another lbs off. 

This "diet" definitely suits my body and along with the regular exercise I'm managing to squeeze into my day, well about 4-5 days if I'm totally honest, it's staying off and continuing on the downward trend.

There is a big thing about not skipping breakfast as the phrase goes.  I cannot eat when I'm not hungry, I can nibble but even then it's never more than a few bites.  Once I've had my first cuppa I then wait until I feel the hunger pangs, which is usually around 11am and to be fair if I ate anything before then it would probably be something I shouldn't as I'm too busy sorting TC out and seeing what work has come in etc.  It has no bearing on how hungry I'll be later or whatever else "they" tell us will happen!  So each to their own I say, as always do whatever suits you.

I've just bought myself a set of kettlebells and a DVD as I have no idea what to do with them apart from heave them around!  My usual pairs of weights are half a kilo and 1 kilo, the kettlebells are 2, 3 & 4kg!  I better get eating my spinach!

On food, Prawns.... 80 calories per 100g, who knew!  Those of you who are seasoned calorie counters probably already knew that.  I'm not posting the minutae of what I've eaten, I expect everyone is a little tired of New Year diets and eating plans by now, suffice to say apart from last weekend I am keeping off as much sugar as I can and still having good fats like avocado and coconut oil. 

I will put together some simple meals and snacks on here that are on the lower calorie scale, so much easier when you know what calories are in foods when you go to grab something from the fridge as I do!  I have been coating chicken strips with Total 0% yoghurt and harissa paste then grilling and when the urge to nibble comes (usually in the evening) these are sitting there ready.  They are pretty low in calories and full of protein and very delicious too! 

Wish me luck with the new exercise regime, I'll either have arms like Popeye or a hernia!

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  1. I love that, like me, you have found a diet that is working for YOU! :). It's so fab when that happens.
    I like the look of those kettlebells and I look forward to seeing how you get on with them. You have a great weekend too xx

    1. kettlebells DVD arrived so starting tonight!