Things I should, could, would do

Not one to complain about having no time to myself since TC arrived, but we have been virtually inseparable since her birth, going to mother & toddler, playgroups, swimming, music group, etc.  I am now about to reclaim 8 hours of me time a week......

TC is going to Day Nursery 2 afternoons a week!  The list I have of things I must do/want to do/should do has got longer and longer over the last 2 + years by next Christmas I may have caught up with myself!

I must:
  • Get a hair cut, I could give Rapunzel a run in the long hair stakes!
  • Physically go to a shop and luxuriously wander around perusing the racks, then actually try the clothes on before I buy them hoping they will a) look reasonably ok & b) fit!
  • Get myself to the optician for an eye test, I am way overdue and although I only need glasses for reading, all my glasses now are bent in some baby/toddler grabbing way.
It would be nice to:
  • Read a book without having to do a quick recap because I either fell asleep reading or hadn't got back to my book for several days.
  • Enjoy a facial, massage, pedicure, manicure, any of those would be most appreciated.
  • Go for a relaxing swim and get myself dried and dressed first instead of dripping and shivering whilst wrestling her back into her clothes.
What I will most probably do:
  • Go to the supermarket and walk around with both eyeballs focused on food instead of a supermarket trolley dash with a lively, impatient toddler!
  • Tidy up the house (have you seen Older Mum's house, so fabulously tidy *sigh*) and keep it so without a small person coming up behind me undoing all my tidying!
  • Fill a Hippo bag with household and garden debris - it's amazing how fast I can fill one up and still need another!
  • wash the dog, clean out my car, paint something or all of them!

But at the end of the day, I will miss that cheerful, happy-go-lucky little girl more than a litttle bit and I'm sure I can find a window of time to take a deep breath and enjoy a few moments to myself whilst pondering the fact that another milestone in her life has been reached....




  1. Much as I know you will miss TC in those hours, I do hope you enjoy them too! I know I used to relish my two mornings a week when Pip was in nursery! Wishing you a very happy new year. xxx

  2. Enjoy your new found time !!!! And as well as the usual housework etc - get out there and treat yourself. Having a little separation from TC will actually make your close bond even stronger! (ps. my home really isn't as tidy as I would have you believe!). X.