Alternate Day GL Diet

So my main aim this week was to keep the calories under 700 on alternate days and to follow the GL way of eating on the Patrick Holford GL weightloss programme.  I signed up earlier in the week and have been glued to all the information, videos, etc.  

The strange thing was that on the first day I managed 689 calories and on day 2 I clocked up a meagre 489!  For some reason I did not feel all that hungry so ate accordingly.  As I have another low-cal fast day tomorrow I weighed myself this morning and another 1lb loss a day early, so quite pleased with progress.

The GL way of looking at food is something I knew about but found a little confusing due to the GI ratings of food too, so I've put them out of my head and concentrated on the GL version. The low-GL (glycemic load) diet, coupled with alternate day fasting is a good way to keep your blood sugar levels even, which equates to losing weight, gaining energy and not craving carbs.

During my last pregnancy I had Gestational Diabetes, you won't be surprised to hear that I managed the condition with diet and did not inject insulin (the thought of injecting myself was enough to make me get my diet on track!). They manage you very closely from 28 weeks so it was a long 10 weeks but I got through.  Because of the GD I am now possibly more prone to becoming diabetic in the next few years so want to manage my blood sugar as much as possible without it being a chore - in other words I still want to enjoy my food!

Linking up with Kate from Naked Mum where we have a little community of ladies all on the healthier route!  


  1. Well done on the weight loss and interesting to hear how you are doing it. Thanks for linking up to #WobblesWednesday

  2. Very impressed with your discipline for doing it - and you have a very good reason with the risk of diabetes - and, and you are losing weight as well - bonus!:o)

    1. had my test done, waiting for results, hope its good news!

  3. This sounds an interesting diet. Well done on your loss :-)

  4. Thanks Karen, interesting is the word!