Snow Go!

I am not a lover of the snow, not someone who has ever said "YAY" there's SNOW!!  I do love skiing but there is usually sun on the slopes too (and après ski!) as I used to come home with a tanned face and hands.  But it's the cold I really can't wait to leave behind every winter.

snowbound apple tree

I live on a hill which makes driving out of my snow-ridden road "interesting" as well as not without risk, the pillar box just will not get out of the way and many a year I have slid unceremoniously into it.

As pretty as it can look here, snow you can go now, please. 

the snow got even deeper the next day!

I crave bright Spring days and long, warm Summer evenings.  At this time of year I look forward to the sound and sights of Spring attempting to wake the earth and warm it up.  I love my garden and I know that once the snow has disappeared it will leave it soggy and limp and I have to hope that my lovely lavenders have survived the freezing white blanket they have all been under these past few days.

The thaw will be welcome when it comes, I hope it's soon.



  1. I love that Little A loves the snow, and I don't mind a little bit, but generally I don't like the cold at all .....

    1. very pretty still here but when it takes me 2 hours to do a journey that should take 15 mins in the raging snowstorm then its not so pretty! Children love it though, lovely that Little A and TC enjoy it!