#R2BC - Reasons to be Cheerful this week

Another week has whizzed past again, when I look back on the week I can see I have achieved a lot but still the list grows longer, but I do love crossing things off my list so I'm happy to have made in-roads into it!

This week I am cheerful about:

I didn't get wet all week!  It rained here but I managed to avoid it unlike last week when I got wet twice a day on average!  TC and myself are out every day rain or shine, she has an amazing coat with a great hood so she keeps cosy and dry.  Me not so much.  I've bought myself a proper umbrella now (don't you want to say 'ella, 'ella, Rhianna-style?) that doesn't turn inside out with a puff of wind, sorted!

I managed a 2 day fast on Monday and Thursday with a mere 500 calories each day.  I am amazed I managed to do it but what a feeling of achievement it gave me, little things, I know ;)  It certainly does make you look at the food you eat.

Although I am doing the fast days for long term health benefits I am also trying to lose a little weight and this week resulted in a 2lb loss, so very cheerful about that!  

TC had her first full afternoon at nursery and although I did miss her presence I managed to do a few things rather more quickly, leaving more time to do things with her that aren't chores.  Her MUMMY! exclamation as I came through the nursery door was something to remember.

I bought another Hippo bag and am busily plonking all our old rubbish and tat into it, having emptied the loft and a garden shed there is plenty to go in there.  I love a good clear up!

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Wishing you all a cheerful weekend!



  1. Well done on your fast - and you reaped some great benefits in such a short space of time! And well done to TC on her first afternoon at nursery!

    1. Thanks OM, TC seems to like nursery, although very tired when I picked her up and in bed at 6.45!