A Tender time of Innocence and Learning

She pounds up the stairs with confident steps, races up the corridor, flinging hat, scarf and coat in her wake.  She pulls her boots off on the way, all the while shouting "See ya, Bye!"  with her arm flailing out behind her waving furiously.

This is the scene twice weekly at her new nursery which she is so absolutley excited to go to.  She comes home with new found skills copying from the other children who are all so lovely, this age group is such a joy, their innocence is just breathtaking and something to revel in, where does it all go, having a small child does bring you back to those times of pure innocence of play and love and in our girl's life - tutu's!

She is 2½ and becoming independant from me already.  She is a confident, happy being, I've often spoken about her can-do attitude, it gets stronger every day.  Mummy.do.it.meeself.

So who knows where it all goes from here, I find I have complete amnesia where some things are concerned, having to refer to Mr J who is no help, I remember everything and seemingly sometimes nothing, my new mummy friends look to me for the "you've been there and done that" but the gap between babies was so vast that it's like she was my first again and then it all washes back over me on instant recall one frame at a time.

There is only one downside to her nursery experience and those whose children struggle with sleep will say what downside??  she has such a great time there that when her afternoon is over, she is eager to get home, have a quick dinner, then bathtime and flop into bed early, out for the count till morning. 

She is 2½ - life is good at 2½.



  1. Two and a half is a lovely age - it's when they start to leave toddler hood and become little people. Little A began nursery at that age and she loved it too - she's just turned three and is more independent than ever. X.

  2. Ah, so lovely to read! I am just about to sign my daughter up at nursery which we will start at 2.5 so reassuring to read how happy it makes your little girl. Wonderful blog-will be back to read more!