5:2 - The Fasting "Diet"

I've never actually been on what you would call a "diet", e.g. Atkins, Grapefruit, Cabbage, WW, Slimming World, etc.  I've never needed to lose weight, infact in my youth I could never put it on!  But weight does creep up on you over time, with having babies and hormonal changes later in life, etc.  I would be happier if I could lose 12-14lbs and keep it lost, so this is my goal for this year.  I have a healthy BMI of 24 but losing 12lbs will take it down to 22.

I eat healthily but do like cake, chocolate and a glass of red wine like most of the population but only when I feel like it and not as a daily occurrence and in moderation.  This may sound boring but if I eat too much sugar I feel sluggish and with a lively toddler to chase around it just slows me down!

I've been very interested to try the 5:2 Fasting "Diet" (also known as the Intermittent or Alternate Day diet) after watching the BBC2 Horizon documentary with Dr Michael Mosley some time ago.  The premise is that you can anything you like for five days a week and still lose weight as long as you also fast for two days a week.  By fasting I mean calorie restriction for those two days.  There are also the health benefits that may go along with it too, reduced risk of some diseases and even positive effects on the brain.

So with his new book "The Fast Diet" on order too to give me more inspiration of what to eat on my fast days and to give me more structure, I started yesterday with a mini fast where I counted calories loosely keeping them around 900 (the recommendation is 500 for women and 600 for men) to see how I felt and I am delighted to say it went so well.  I carried my day on as usual and did not feel faint or tired.  I did, however, feel the rumble of my tummy a fair bit but then I usually take in more than double the calories!  I drank my usual 1½ litres of water and my can.never.give.it.up tea with skimmed milk which helped to stave off the hunger too.

I'm not a calorie counter but with a view to starting the 5:2 I've been seeing what the calorific value of my everyday and treat foods are, some of it is quite startling!  I've also signed up to myfitnesspal which is a free calorie counter app, I'm all for making life easier!

I've read recently that safe weightloss, shedding fat not lean tissue, is around 1% of body weight so if you are 10 stone that equates to 1lb per week ongoing.  To do this you need to reduce calorie intake by 500 calories a day which over 7 days = 3500 calories which is what is needed to lose 1lb in weight!

Let's see how this goes....

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  1. Good luck with this. I'm also thinking of "fasting" on Mondays and Thursdays. Whatever it takes eh?

    1. I think its very do-able so good luck too, the bonus for me will be dropping those 12lbs!

  2. I will follow your progress with interest. I started a blog on this yesterday.
    Good Luck.

    1. Hi and thanks for you comment, I think this will suit me very well. I'll be blogging at http://nutritiousdeliciousness.blogspot.co.uk too with extra stuff!