5:2 and the Alternative

There seem to be many different ways of tackling the 5:2 fasting diet, apparently the health benefits (igf1 levels, etc.) only kick in if you fast for 24 hours with only 500 cals. The extra weight loss seems to come from going 36 hours and keeps us fasting for that extra stretch while we sleep.  I "fast" each night for around 12 hours from my last meal to my first cuppa, then on fast days have a late breakfast and then going to dinner with nothing more than water and green tea.

From previous posts you will know that I'm not finding the severe lack of calories in this freezing weather easy, so I'm trying the Alternate Day Fasting Diet.  Devised by top nutritionist Patrick Holford, it's a low-GL plan, GL is the glycemic load of any meal and is a measure of what it does to your blood sugar.   

So for the next 6 weeks I will be fasting every other day (except Sundays), I'm upping my calories on fast days staying under 700 (the plan says up to 800) and counting calories to 1200 (which I've never done before) on non-fast days.
I will be joining Patrick's 6 week low-GL weightloss programme this week to help me along the way, take a look at Patrick's website here for details of what is included and involved in the programme.

Breakfast today is a 1 egg omelette with 50g of grated courgette, Mr ND made for me, it looks substantial for 1 egg because he whipped up the egg white first then added the egg yolk back in.   A grand total of 99 calories, about 5 calories for the watercress plus a cuppa with 50g skimmed milk 25 calories.

I will see how the day progresses but have meals lined up for this first Alternate Day Fast and hopefully the snow will melt today too!


  1. I like your flexible approach - in this weather, the body really isn't geared up for fasting - I like the balance you've struck, and look forward to hearing how you get on! X.

    1. Thanks OM, thats just the sort of friend support I need, even on 700 calories tummy still rumbling, but more bearable, will go back to 5:2 periodically in the warmer weather (whenever that is!) xxx

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    1. Thanks MLSM, I could do with a bowl of your lovely Rainbow soup!