5:2 Alternate Day Low GL Week 4

The week is a short week "diet"-wise  as I have 3 days of family events and birthdays so weighed myself this morning instead of tomorrow.  I've continued with the 5:2 as it was only 2 days instead of 3 and very pleased with another 1½lbs down.  I counted 489 calories on Monday, yesterday was about the same, I have got the feel for it now and can judge it well, but weighing foods out is crucial I feel as even things like a slice of bread can weigh more and equal more calories than I thought!

Two things I have changed this week:

  1. I have added in exercise, doing 15 -20 minutes of cardio and strength exercises whilst holding light weights.  It's impossible to do anything like this with TC around so once she's asleep, usually by 7.30 I can get it over with before my evening begins!
  2. On my non-fast days I have implemented portion control, I've told Mr J that I'll dish myself up when he cooks or he will dish up enough for 2 on my plate and of course it's so delicious that I will eat it!
I'm getting very used to counting calories now and it's not the chore I thought it would be and I continue to be surprised and shocked at the calories in some things I thought would be lighter.

On the 5:2 Fast Diet Forum I have noticed some people fast from breakfast to dinner which is what I do with the odd cuppa and water  thrown in and some eat 3 meals as usual still keeping the calories under 500, which is not really fasting but the sheer calorie restriction must have an effect. 

Still keeping to the Patrick Holford Low GL diet part on my non-fast days too, lots of very varied and interesting foods on there.  I'll be putting some examples over on my Nutritious Deliciousness blog.

Linking up to #WobblesWednesday with Kate at Naked Mum.



  1. well done on your weight loss this week,and for doing your exercises xx

    1. Thanks GG, I exercise is key if you can do it, makes me feel better too xx

  2. You must be feeling very good by now!!!!