Puff the Magic Pastry!

We've only made our own puff pastry once when we (me & Mr J) signed up for a pastry making night class when we were first married, long, long ago!  That was a great class, we did everything from apple pies to bouche de noel!  Since then it has been store bought puff pastry for hugely quick and easy nibbly offerings.

Mr J's favourite mince pies are mince puffs, years ago I just swapped the shortcrust for the puff and a family Christmas favourite was born.  These are so very fast and easy to make and something you can make with the children as not a lot can go wrong!

Alternatives have been mince pie wheels and open mince puff pies, all equally delicious!

For the Mince Puffs you need only 3 ingredients plus a drop of milk:

  • Take a 411g jar of mincemeat and scoop out about half into a small bowl, splash a tablespoon of brandy onto it and leave for a while to marinate and infuse.  (I used plain mincemeat in TC's mini mince puffs)

  • Take one pack of ready rolled puff pastry, unroll and cut out your bases and tops. Place the bases on a lightly buttered baking tray and brush a little milk around the rims.

  • Drop a small dollop of the infused mincemeat into the centre of the bases, not too much or they may leak and ooze out!

  • Take your tops and place over the bases and press down the edges to seal.  Brush over with beaten egg. You can sprinkle the tops with caster sugar before baking if you wish, I prefer them without.

  • Bake at 180°C/160°C fan/gas 4 for about 15 minutes.



  1. Ohh looking good, puff pastry ones are my favourite. I hope you have had a great Christmas, Mich x