Nursery Schooling

TC and myself have been visiting a few nurseries locally in the last few weeks.  I had hoped one would jump out at me and say "pick me!" but so far there has been a downside to every one.  Some have too rigid rules or unsuitable times for us or a very long waiting list or just very expensive.  Having a friend who owns a nursery in another part of the country I do understand that if your child is unwell they still have to staff the nursery so cannot refund or carry over that missed day, but it's still a huge tug on the purse strings especially if you have to miss a day's pay too.

I have to admit to being a fussy mummy, having done this before albeit a long time ago, I am keen to find the right place for her and us as a family.  By that I mean somewhere she will be happy and well cared for with a good learning structure to her day.  For me it also means being able to tick off all the things I want her to have access to like languages and sport which is where I excel.  Daddy will have to do the science and maths bits again, not my forte!

Flicking through yet another local magazine for some inspiration I came across a piece on a local infant and nursery school, they had just been awarded their 3rd Green Flag in recognition of the work the school does to promote healthy lifestyles and to raise awareness of sustainability by making sure that Eco-related projects and initiatives run right through the cirruculum and daily routines.  They also had recently been judged by Ofsted to be outstanding overall with the inspectors describing it as "exceptional".

As luck or fate would have it, there was an open day a mere 2 days later, so off we went today for a tour by the headmaster, who is very personable and charming, with a philosophy of "I can - We can".  The more he talked the more I liked the sound of this school and his/its philosophies.

When he first became headmaster he replaced all the school rules (hearing this I nearly did a huge YAY!, I'm not good with rules) with a values system which has resulted in the pupils' good behaviour and outcomes.  I am looking to be involved in any school TC attends and here parent involvement is greatly encouraged. 

We reached the nursery class, where the children were all sitting in a circle, TC ran over to them seemingly knowing this was her peer group and wanted to join in at once, she is a confident, outgoing child with a sweet charm about her, yes I am pretty biased here.

So, name down and fingers crossed for a very long wait to see if TC secures a place in September 2013, until then I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for other such great little schools just in case and enjoying my time with TC.  Our days now are full and I know I will miss my daily jaunts and activities with my girl.  I am very much of a "what will be, will be" mentality these days but can't help hoping very hard that this is to be.


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