A Very Happy New Year!

Listening to a conversation between friends recently, one said "I shouldn't be complaining that my diamond shoes are too tight, I know I am incredibly lucky to have ....."  It doesn't really matter what the conversation was about as it could apply to a lot of "things" we all take for granted in life that may not always be there.

So with a brand New Year just emerging from its cocoon, as usual I find myself taking stock of the last year, what it has given me and what it has taken from me. 

I make no promises for the year ahead, I have many plans, personal and blogging-wise and there are changes afoot in the MLM household.  For me it's all about goals and not too many impossibly unreachable ones!  I wish all my loved ones continued good health and for those in my life with health challenges my wishes go even deeper. 

As for blogging, I resisted starting a blog for many years and now I have 2! both of which I love writing to, both with very different audiences.  Thank you to everyone who has read and commented, I appreciate you all.

Tonight we will raise a glass of the fizzy stuff and watch TC sleep through it all.  We will let off a lone rocket into the night sky as we have done for many years, now we send it up as a tribute to those gone before us with a teary smile. 

Are your diamond shoes too tight?? I like to think mine aren't, like my friend I know how incredibly lucky I too am to have my health and TC,  The days are brighter with her, when we thought we would never smile again, our surprise baby girl, Happy Bright New Year TC and to each and every one of you a very....



  1. wishing you a very happy new year xx

  2. And I very happy new year to you too lovely lady! I hope it's a really good one for you :o).XXX.

    1. To you OM, I hope it's a really good one for all of us in one way or another xx