Toddlerhood Memories

As a stay at home, work at home mum, I've spent all of the last 2¼ years with TC.  I work around her sleep times and spend the rest of the day playing, shopping, at the beach, in the park, at the swings, eating, swimming, playgrouping and the list goes on.   She is great fun to be with.  Looking around me I see the house is an untidy mess as the whirlwind toddler rearranges the place on a daily basis.  She is learning to tidy up her playroom before her bath each night though, a good sign for a future tidy bedroom, that is until she becomes a teenager of course!

During one of our mad play times where the giggles and squeals of laughter made us both breathless, I hugged her tight and whispered in her ear "I'm going to miss you when you grow up".  At that moment I remembered the boy at her age, the same blue eyed blond child that she is, the same laugh, where do the years go, maybe if I don't blink so much they will go by slower.

Toddlerhood is such a wonderful time of innocence, where her everything is filled with even more wonderment, laughter and joy.  She wakes up each morning with a "hiya mummy" and a good few giggling bounces on her bed.  She believes anything is possible and if not, why not?? 

This toddler lives in a place where time has no meaning, except when she lies peaceful in her bed slipping into silent slumber after a day well spent running mummy ragged  having fun.  An hour at the play park is never enough, she would stay till the last drop of energy was gone, a quick nap, batteries recharged and off we go again.  There are moments of quiet(er) pretend play, building her learning skills, I could sit and play at having tea all day with Miss TC being mum.

I want her first childhood memories to be filled with the happiest times possible.  The only sadness I have is that she won't remember anything of our life together so far as most of us have no memory before our 3rd birthday.  I have many reminders for her in video footage and photo's of course and will enjoy watching them with her when she is older and reliving those times most probably with free flowing happy tears streaming down my face!

I look at my own baby and toddler photos and find myself remembering snippets of time, some of the clothing I wore and especially remembering with deep fondness my toys.  Who knows what is a genuine memory or what my parents have told me about a photo or event that becomes a remembered moment in time though.

What are your very earliest memories ......  I remember vividly mum taking me age 3 to ballet class, all kitted out (I still have my first ballet shoes, I know you are not surprised to hear this) & eager to fling myself around the mirrored room ballerina-style.  Sadly I was no Darcy Bussell.  Life has come full circle again and TC will be joining a toddler ballet class after Christmas, she'll be 2½, I hope she remembers it....♥



  1. love this post!, i remember pushing my twin sister downs some steps in a wooden pram at nursery (about aged 3) .... things have always been the same with us lol

    1. I know a couple of sets of twin TC's age and they are at each other all the time, bless them, bet you are best friends now.