Tea India Teas - Review

I absolutely ♥ ♥ ♥ tea!  It's the second thing I drink (after my mega glass of water) every morning, then it's tea all the way all day as I may have mentioned here!  Apart from the wonderful taste of tea, it is also full of healthy antioxidants and polyphenols, the Tea Council has some great info here.

I have to admit I have a lot of tea in my kitchen cupboards, everything from herbal teas like green tea, dandelion, fruit teas, blends of turmeric, ginger, chamomile and even nettle!  Mostly I favour Black teas, Earl Grey, etc and am always buying new teas from our local coffee bean/tea importer shop to try.

I was so pleased to receive a couple of beautifully packaged boxes of tea from Tea India to *sample, their Vanilla Chai and Black TeaIn their range also is Marsala Chai which I heard Lorraine Kelly effusing over on her show the other day and Cardamon Chai.

Inspired by the fusion of tradition with the vibrancy of modern India, Tea India have used 70 years of tea blending experience, picking only the two top leaves and the bud when the tea is at its freshest, to create a truly unique range of authentic Indian teas.

Tea India's blend of deliciously sweet, comforting spices and natural vanilla flavouring create their very special Vanilla Chai.  The combination of traditional spices of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and vanilla create the perfect blend of sweetness and spice.  The aroma of cinnamon comes through for me first then vanilla and other spices. 

I would usually drink a tea of this kind without milk, but couldn't resist popping a dash of milk in to taste too.  I was pleasantly surprised how good this tea tasted, lovely to try something new and enjoy.

Rich and robust,Tea India's Black Tea blend is refreshing and full of flavour.  It's a perfect all round tea for drinking all day, everyday!  The tea is from the Assam tea bush grown in North East India, the high rain fall during the monsoon period coupled with the scorching daytime temperatures create greenhouse-like conditions of extreme humidity and heat.  This tropical climate is the ideal condition for growing tea and contributes to Assam’s unique malty taste which I can definitely pick up on. 

The Tea India range is available at Tesco.
Thank you Tea India, I do ♥ your tea.

*I was sent 2 boxes of tea for the purpose of review but my views are totally my own.

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