Last of the Summer Days

With a gorgeously late summer week ahead of us this week we are making the most of the glorious sunshine.   My childhood summer days were very different to TC's.  I lived in central London and a trip to the seaside was such a treat.  I love London and although I lived in the centre of the city my childhood summer school holidays were still filled with bicycle rides, swimming, tadpoling in the pond and so many other free activities.  We had access to several large parks that were an endless source of trees to climb, butterflies to chase and picnics to be had and great open spaces to run riot in.  I see life back then through very rosy tinted glasses, I don't remember being bored, there was always something to do! 

TC is growing up by the sea, a small city by the sea its been called, prolific with things to do and see.  Playing at the beach cafe where there is a special man-made sandy beach for the children to play in building sand castles then knocking them down, finding shells on the real beach, endless playing in playgrounds with swings, slides and roundabouts or a walk on the pier with all its attractions.   There is still so much free stuff to do and even more when you are 2 (or under 5 in most cases) and I find myself still doing the things I did when I was a child, prolific icecream eating for one, sadly not a free pastime but so enjoyable and very necessary after running around for a couple of hours.

With the children back at school this week it felt like we were playing hooky today and I can certainly feel that the sun has caught my shoulders but finally it really feels like summer again, the longer it lasts the shorter the winter will feel!

I hope it's gloriously sunny and warm where you are, soak it up if you can, incase it's the last we see until Spring!



  1. This burst of sudden sunshine has been glorious hasn't it? You are very lucky living by the sea. Must be great in good weather like this. I'm with you on the ice cream - can't resist a good vanilla!

    1. love icecream, vanilla for now because it's white & doesn't stain her clothes like chocolate (which is a delight she has yet to devour!)