Vegetables in Disguise

I really love tomato based sauces, I can find a use for a tomato sauce in so many dishes that we eat.  The one I make the most at the moment is the vegetables in disguise version for my toddler girl, she eats plenty of fresh vegetables but occasionally when she is fussy this sauce packs a lot in!  My personal recipe goes something like this:

Take a good glug of olive oil and gently fry a medium onion with a small clove of crushed garlic, I see some slicing of garlic in recipes but I prefer the good, intense garlic taste that crushing gives a dish.  TC is well used to garlic and onions in her food thankfully as we eat a lot of them!


Next grate 2 medium carrots, ½ a large courgette or 1 small one and a 2" chunk of sweet potato and saute with the onions and garlic for a few minutes without browning. 

Add chopped tomatoes, I really love Sainsbury's Polpa Fine, they are just right in texture, the 500ml box is perfect for this recipe, but if I have a glut of tomatoes I will roast some the day before, whiz them up a little in the blender and use those with some passata.  Even if I don't have a glut I will often use fresh tomatoes, just depends how fast I need to whip this up!

Then add around 200ml of vegetable stock (I make 300ml in case I need a little extra), I like the Kallo brand, its gluten free too, a teaspoon of tomato puree and ½ teaspoon each of basil and oregano completes the dish. 

Simmer for around half an hour, then freeze into small batches and either add to other dishes or add rice to make mini toddler "chilli" with kidney beans or pasta for a "bolognaise"-type meal.   This recipe is ideal for toddlers - you can do so much with it and it makes a lovely sweet sauce that is chock full of vegetables in disguise!



  1. Brilliantly done. Makes the sauce into a meal without any drama. I'll be doing this at home. Thanks.

  2. absolutley, TC hasn't been too fussy "yet", but she's 2 soon so I'm ready just in case, have lots more recipes for toddlers that pack in the nutrients.

  3. My boy is not a vegetable fan. Hidden vegetables are definitely the way to go in our house!

    1. I "encouraged" the veg early on with both of mine, it's amazing what you can hide LOL!
      They will be parents one day & will thank us x