Today you are 2....

Gorgeous Miss TC, today you are 2, 24 months have flown by in a whirl of nappies, milk, potties, kisses, cuddles, playgrounds, swings, roundabouts, love and laughter.  This time last year I was on week 39 of my pregnancy, I was huge, it was summer and you were happy to stay where you were.

You are a very independent, feisty, lively little girl whose "do it meeself" attitude is admirable, you never give up trying, even if it takes you many tries.   You like to take your time with most things, perfecting everything till you get it right, like walking.  17 months came and went with you still speed crawling and cruising around the furniture until one day I did a double take as you marched up the hallway as if you'd been doing it all your life!

You love to run and climb and are constantly on the go, chasing seagulls, chasing boys on the football field trying to kick their ball, racing up and down the fields near our home, the beach is the only time you slow down, your face was a picture when you first tried to walk on the pebbles, I expect soon you'll be racing off towards the seashore with me hot on your little heels!

You copy everything I do, so I am careful what I do these days!  You wear my sunglasses Eric Morecambe style, you try to put my bra on but end up wearing it dangling from your arm like a handbag, you've even tried to put my undies on superman style over your trousers but gave up & wore them on your head instead.

You love our doggie who sadly became diabetic a few weeks after your birth and has gradually gone blind.  I was so grateful he got to see you at least for a few weeks.  You like to stroke him, tweak his nose, cuddle him in a gentle head lock all of which he accepts as your love for him.  I love how kind you are to him and hope that carries on in your life as you grow, you seem to know he is different now and make allowances.

You make us laugh, you make me cry, tears of joy at your very being and sadness that you will never meet one of your siblings (although I think you may have, your first word was her nickname when you saw a photo). You have no idea of the impact you have made on our family, a jewel of a little girl child who makes everyone smile wherever you go.  You make me, daddy and your big brother very proud.

I still look at you in wonderment sometimes, watching you change every day and thinking how did I make such an amazing little girl, it certainly was destiny and meant to be that you came into the world.  Thank you for choosing me to be your Mummy.

The weather this summer has been more rain than sun but today it is glorious, the sun is out, the sky is so blue to match your eyes and the sea is twinkling like diamonds - summer has finally arrived and what better day for it!

Happy 2nd birthday baby girl !!!



  1. Such a lovely post. Happy Birthday TC. x

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Miss TC! I hope you all had a lovely day .... Echoing MP's words above - lovely post!

  3. Thank you OM, we had a lovely beach party with bubbles, icecream & cake!