30 Seconds with the Olympic Torch

As you may know I am somewhat of an Olympic fan and this morning the Olympic Flame passed through near to us, but 7am was a little too early for me to get organised (read I was asleep!) and get down to the seafront for a glimpse.  My friend JJ on her way to her nursing shift at the hospital on the seafront got a very jammy surprise view without even having to jostle with the crowds!

So off we all trotted (me, Mr J & TC) to a nearby town this afternoon to join the throng and blinking marvellous it was!  We found a parking space merely yards from the high street where the procession would be coming through and I left Mr J & TC having a snack at a well known cafe whilst I found my place in the crowd.  I was determined to get something on "film" for TC and her memory box, she has no clue what the Olympics are but maybe some day she will be pleased to see this, but this afternoon her snack pot and daddy's frothy foam on his coffee were far more interesting.

Of course it was over in a flash, after the procession of sponsored buses and police riders sauntered past, the torch bearer negotiated a very steep hill and when he got to us he decided to sprint past, but I got all 30 seconds of it on video! (am I still allowed to say video??).

It was a great moment, everyone in the crowd was happy and there was laughter everywhere.   Then it was off for bite to eat in the fresh air, the sun was out and the warmth made a perfect end to a very special afternoon.



  1. Brilliant! That footage was great. I think its set to pass near me soon! I wonder is its ever spontaneously blown out? Sounds like you had a good time! It looked fun ...

    1. it was fun OM, really enjoyed myself, didn't take TC into the crowd, too squishy! Go if you can, it may only be 30 seconds but its the closest I will ever get to the Olympics!