Let the Games Begin!

Tonight's the night for the London Olympics Opening Ceremony!  It has been so long coming, the wait is finally over and as a Brit I am very proud that we are hosting the Olympics for the 3rd time in London.  

The Opening Ceremony has been kept under wraps, I read that it would not be as spectacular as the Olympics in Bejing but I heard from a friend who went to the dress rehearsal yesterday who said it was truly amazing and a lot of fun! 

Bells were rung all over the country today when Big Ben struck 8.12am, TC and I rang ours to join in the symphony of bells, she thought it was fun but thats all, in another 4 years I expect she will wonder why I love the Olympics so much, I have many stories to tell her.

I was offered tickets to the swimming yesterday but at such short notice I cannot go as we are still celebrating TC's birthday with family at the weekend!  I had already resigned myself to the fact that I would not be going, but I see on the news that tickets are now available at reduced prices, watch this space, I may be going after all.  If not, I shall be glued to my TV for all the track events, will not miss them either way.

Best of luck to Team GB!