Tasty Power Energy Snack

This is a favourite of mine, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are nutrient powerhouses and make great little snacks.  For this very tasty power energy snack take ½ cup of sunflower seeds and ½ cup of pumpkin seeds and gently dry toast them, (you can also add maybe ¼ cup of sesame seeds too if you wish) moving them around so you don't burn them .  I love my Vision Corning Glass pans, I much prefer them over stainless steel, I used a small frying pan here.

Take the pan off the heat and add ⅓ cup of brown linseeds,

then take 1 generous tablespoon of Marmite (more or less to your own taste) & add to the seed mix.  The glass pans retain a good amount of heat which is usually enough to sufficiently "melt" the Marmite but if you need a little extra heat, make sure it is a very low heat setting.
Continue to move the mix around gently until all the seeds are coated with the Marmite.

The mixture should be cool enough to form into small balls or put the mix into a small bowl to nibble on, I like to do both.  Pop in the fridge for a ready, healthy, tasty snack.  Beware these are very more-ish!

I could not resist buying the fab special Marmite Jubilee edition last week!

For nutritional information and health benefits of this snack, pop over to my very new Food & Health blog @ http://www.nutritiousdeliciousness.blogspot.co.uk/ 



  1. I was thinking hmmm, not for me..until the bit where you introduced the Marmite. And then when I read about them being chilled as balls in the fridge I thought, yes, I can see the appeal. Sure I've got some old seed doctor stuff I could have a go with somewhere in the depths of the cupboard!

    I popped over to your new website, I particularly liked the way you'd listed the nutrients / good stuff in the individual items of your healthy lunch recipe. Very inspiring.

    1. a good way to pack in the nutrients for a pregnant lady ;)
      Thanks for looking the new website, its really new but I'll be packing it with lots of goodies!

  2. I can see that this is very delicious and nutritious ... only one problem, I don't like marmite ... at all. I love toasted seeds though! Had a peak at your new website - looking fab. What a great idea!

    1. I make this when I'm in my "Love Marmite" zone, sometimes I really go off it & other times I'm on it for days, must be a lack of B vitamins or something! Toasted seeds are great on their own anyway. Thanks for looking at the new website, I'm itching to get going on it!