The Stuff of Life

When my father passed away a couple of years ago my mother, although happy he wasn't suffering anymore, was thrown into the shock of being and living on her own after 50 years of marriage.  So this Spring she sold her house and bought an apartment in a small warden assisted living complex where her friend, who was also widowed a few years ago, moved.  She is so much happier now with many facilities at her convenience, activities, outings and new friends to be made.  The building is literally on the beach too so fantastic south facing views everyday where you can watch the sun rise and set.

Packing up her life was a major challenge for both of us, it wasn't as simple as packing her suitcases and calling the removal firm.  Downsizing to a much smaller place meant letting go of some of her belongings.  I was quite surprised how easily this came to her and wondered about my own precious memories that I could not imagine having to part with.  So it has made me think of the future, something I try not to do too much in advance, having lost family members way too early and always appreciating the age I have got to, the health I still have and the new little girl in my life.  Having her has magnified how fast life is flying past too, I have not changed in looks or anything else in the last 2 years, she has gone from being in the womb to flying out into the world and changed from the newborn to the toddler and all the developmental life milestones in between that she has achieved.

I find it very hard to part with anything but a couple of years ago I did have a little clear out of "things"and now cannot remember what those things were which begs the question, apart from photos and items we want to pass on to our children, is it all just the clutter and the stuff of life.

Moving day for mum and me was exhausting but now the move is complete, the packing is unpacked and life has become fuller for her once more - she probably will not miss the "stuff" and will make some new memories in the Autumn of her life.....

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  1. What a lovely, lovely post, and it sounds like your mum has gone to a really nice new home. Cant beat being by the sea. Moving is such an ordeal but I really liked your point that now she is all unpacked again life has become more fuller. Alot of the things we hold onto is just clutter I guess ....

    1. It is a lovely setting and she's happier now.

  2. I love this post. There's something reassuring about knowing that your Mum was able to let go of the 'stuff' easily. To me it says that life isn't about the things around us, but the people we are, the people we love and spend our time with, and the things we actually do. Lovely also to hear that life is becoming fuller for her again now.