Learning... Nature or Nurture??

I taught Toddler Chick to "give to mama" a while ago, things she manages to grab that I thought I'd put safely out of her way, books that now have teeth marks affectionately embedded in them (I still have keepsakes from my son with his teeth marks in - I keep it all!!) & most important of all, the TV remote! 

She does like to share, she insists on handing anything and everything to me, then I have to give it back, then I get it back again and so it goes on and I love it.  I hope she learns more caring & sharing as she grows, this may seem simple to some but I do wonder how much is what I am showing her, the qualities I would like her to possess as she grows or how much is just her nature anyway. 

She went through a, thankfully short, phase of wanting to scratch & pinch with those laser sharp nails of hers.  My immediate solution was to remove her hand from whatever piece of skin she had targeted and then ignore the behaviour, she lost interest fairly quickly when nobody acknowledged her behaviour.   I have waggled my finger at her too at times & told her to be nice rather than say no but putting a positive slant on such behaviour is not easy when all you want to say is ouch!

I prefer to believe that babies don't have nasty streaks in them, surely its learnt behaviour or is it??  TC wasn't shown how to pinch & bite, it just came with the package.  I think they also do these things as a way of experimenting, what happens if I do this, what reaction am I going to get from mummy??   By the same token TC softly strokes my arm, so sweet and something she has, I hope, got from the wonderfully tender times we have spent together or is it just her nature??   She's an assertive little character and I hope this is her natural nature, we'll see in years to come :)

What do you think, nature or nuture or maybe a bit of both??



  1. I think you handled it really well ... Little A went through a stage like that and again recently, i guess its about testing the world and boundaries around them. So I think at this young age its a part of their development, and so I put this down to nature, especially if they have not witnessed any form of physical violence around them.

  2. that was what I was getting at, she sees no violence (she learnt to pinch me all on her own!)or even raised voices (we are not a shouty family) so I guess nature is what is in us all until we mature sufficiently. I see her testing all sorts of boundaries, some do make me chuckle, like the flinging herself on the floor & trying to have a tantrum hehehe!