Jubilee Baking

With the Jublilee celebrations nearly upon us, I had long ago thought of what I would bake for our street party.  We had a very successful party for Will & Kate, the sun shone all day even though it was merely April and the food, drink, music (we had a band!) flowed freely.  Catching up with all my neighbours and meeting new ones was a bonus.  TC was only 9 months old at the time and not walking so spent the whole day being passed around, you know how it is with babies! 

The whole street are all contributing to a communal buffet table and bbq as before, but as there will be a lot of food food (buffet stuff) I've decided to do cupcakes with lashings of buttercream icing and some mini cakes, a lot easier for everyone to nibble on and especially good for the kiddies who won't want to sit and eat for too long!   We have a lot of bunting for the garden and union jack serviettes and paper plates, but I will not do the plastic glass thing, only a crystal flute will do! 

So I have Vanilla Blueberry & Raspberry Cupcakes and Mini Double chocolate muffins -  I don't think we need another blog cupcake recipe here, I'm using the Hummingbird bakery version but a classic Victoria Sponge recipe also works well. 

For the mini muffins I used Sainsbury's Belgian Chocolate in Milk and Dark, excellent creamy chocolate, a few pieces found their way mysteriously into my mouth! 

gorgeous melted chocolate

a few of the mini morsels
I've made 24 cupcakes and 30 mini muffins and will make some nibbles and cucumber sandwiches just before the start. 

I am very much looking forward to the celebrations, TC will be running around this time, how time has flown this last 13 months!  Just let's hope the weather stays fine or there will be a few soggy sandwiches and cakes!

Wherever you are celebrating I wish you all a lovely time.



  1. Those cupcakes look A-mazing! I think I would have scoffed the white chocolate before it made it's way in to the cupcakes! Hope you're enjoying the celebrations x

    1. no white chocolate this time Mr J doesn't like it (all the more for me) milk is my fav, I know I should be eating dark choc!

  2. Yum! They look absolutely delicious. I like to make mini cakes when we are having a gathering where there will be lots of kids. They are so much easier for them to handle and devour and you don't mind if they have more than one! Looks like a fun weekend x

    1. I kid you not, I saw someone eat 6 mini muffins on the trot at the street party, it was quite amusing :))