Good News, Bad News, Good News?

Yesterday I had my Noddy car aka my Nissan Micra serviced, I do it but it does remind me of Noddy's car, except Noddy had a convertible.  I did love Noddy, Big Ears and the Noddy car - Noddy was probably what Peppa Pig is today.   I chose the car because I needed something more reliable with a newborn and well I do love ferrying me & Miss TC around in it.  

I have some lovely memories of car journey's of a time gone by with a baby boy, of summer days and day's out.   I absolutely love having a baby in the car.  Even driving past some places pulls me straight back to my first mummy days.   I seem to raise good travellers, no fuss in the car, they see it as a little adventure, traffic means nothing and the destination sometimes a surprise.   A few toys and a well-stocked homemade snack box always helps too of course!

The good news:  the service went well, nothing wrong with the car, hooray!

The bad news:  it still cost me £408.00! 

The good news:  as I had only done 6000 miles in it, we tootle around a couple of counties in it and take the train if we are going further afield,  I had apparently "saved" £400 by not having it serviced last year (it had a complete service before I bought it) and they gave me an extra litre of oil and RAC roadside assistance for free so I can now cancel my AA membership.
So, good news.... I think :))

It was an interesting drive back home on the coast road with a 60mph wind making the car shake and TC giggle.

The waves were crashing against the sea wall showering the car with spray and salt.  Windscreen wipers on to clean the glass only to  find one of the things that shoots out screenwash on the windscreen wasn't working (on the drivers side of course) and the back one either blocked too or out of screenwash!! 

Didn't I just have this car serviced ?!?!?  



  1. Aggghhhh - cars! They are such an expense but a dream with a baby or toddler. When Little A was very tiny she would often take a nap in her carseat with me pottling about the back streets. The picture of that wave looks very dramatic!

    1. when the winds are high down here the waves do look quite spectacular, also get a bit wet trying to capture the image!