A Few of my Favourite Things (of Mummy's!)

I have a very naughty inquisitive, lively toddler, its all good, I do love it but lately she's ramped up the need for destroying playing with my things.  I've resigned myself to most of it... wanting to take my (clean) pants from the pile of clothes waiting to be put away on over her trousers (and sometimes her head!), supergirl style, trying to put a hair elastic to make her own ponytail like mummy's, putting on my sunglasses, mostly things she sees me doing and wants to copy.  She was found yesterday with my electric toothbrush and a wipe cleaning the toilet bowl, how many times do I need to tell Mr J to put the lid down :)) 

Mornings are spent careering around the house, asking for keys from the front door, car keys, mobile phones, TV remotes, chasing the dog, etc.  Her new "skill" is opening my office cabinet draws which is full of paperclips, noticeboard pins, bluetac, sellotape, packing tape and the like, so now the drawers have elastic bands on them until I can get some drawer locks!

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 She has a definite passion for anything she can use as a bracelet or ring on her little fingers (sparkly toe-rings being a favourite), my watch, my bracelets, sellotape roll, elastic bands, cookie cutters!  Maybe a budding jewellery designer on my hands??  I have not let her see me put my make up on yet as I really don't want my expensive makeup smeared on her face or anything else until I can show her where it all goes, e.g. lip gloss on the lips!

"bracelets" and stuff!
 I've put all my nice stuff in storage and got some replacement items that aren't so precious, e.g. sunglasses and reading glasses.  When she has moved forward in maturity I can get them all out again and hopefully be secure in the knowledge that they remain intact and still useable/wearable!  I've even put off getting a new mobile, she plays with Mr J's old mobile which still works somehow without the sim card.  All these things can wait, who cares if people snigger at my year old mobile and plastic sunglasses!

I know I was like this as a toddler, my own Mother regales me with tales of what a "shocker" I was so I'm neither surprised or unhappy about my own girl being a lively, wonderful!, exhausting, funny, delightful, cute, demanding, great little mini person with her own mind!
TC is starting nursery a couple of days a week all too soon, there she will get more structure to her mornings, I do hope she misses her time with mummy, the pretend tea parties, the painting & drawing, the swings, running through puddles, picking strawberries, icecream at the beach - it has been a whirlwind 22 months and I wouldn't have missed a minute.

p.s. I have never ever used my own toothbrush to clean the loo ;)


  1. That was lovely and really made me laugh! Oh dear cleaning the toilet with your toothbrush! Little A tries to wear my clothes too - she's always putting my knickers on her head. Great idea for keeping the drawer shut. I might havew to do the same.

  2. didn't work OM, she had it open in a flash, I think I'm resigned to emptying the drawer!

  3. Hee hee! I did wonder about your approach to housework when I read that toothbrushes were being used to clean the loo. At least you saw her doing it - imagine what horrors you could have subjected yourself to later if she'd just casually left it lying on the side of the sink...

    I resorted to hairbands around the knobs of our tv cupboard. As long as they were tight enough they worked :0) Sorry - no advice for handles though! x