Vidal Sassoon

So very sad to read last night about the passing of Vidal Sassoon.  Only a short while ago I watched a lovely documentary about his life, absolutely fascinating, his autobiography is in my book pile waiting for its turn to be read, I think it will jump the queue now.

His haircuts brought an architectural design to haircuts in the late '50s and early '60s, he went through this method in the documentary, amazing stuff!  He developed a look that freed women from the stiff, sprayed styles and hair in beehives and thankfully the need for women to wear hair curlers to bed (something I never did, I thankfully missed that trend!)

As a young teenager I had my hair cut and blowdried at one of his central London salons many times, none of us could afford to sit in the stylists chairs very often but being a hair model gave us all fabulous, glossy hairstyles The passport picture of my 16 year old self sports a Vidal Sasson stylist bob cut (paid for!), I went straight to the photo booth from the salon to capture it in time.

Vidal Sasson - hair genius, style icon, father, grandfather, legend ... Au revoir.



  1. He is indeed a legend. Great that you have a personal story connected to him.

  2. his training school was fantastic and quite an honour I would think to be chosen to be a trainee there.

  3. That was very interesting. I had no idea Vidal had had such an iconic influence on hair style .... I do remember everyone wanting to have their haircut at a Vidal Salon back in the eighties. Ooooohh and you were a haor model too - any chance we could see any photos?

    1. I hope you mean hair OM LOL. I do have photos, not putting them on the internet :))