Sunday Morning Muffins

Decided to use up a couple of very ripe bananas this morning, they really were only fit for baking by this stage.  TC usually hands me back bananas, she really hasn't taken to them but maybe in a mini muffin?

This really is an experimental batch, hence the plain white wrappers, I used oats as well as flour, 1 egg, butter, vanilla extract, buttermilk - which I love in baking - and only 30g of light brown sugar.   

Once all the wet ingredients were beaten together and merged with the dry ingredients (don't overmix, muffins needs minimal mixing or you will get rock cakes!) I popped a couple of blueberries into each muffin case (again lovely in cakes!) then baked for 20 minutes.

Also used some of the batter to make some mini muffins for TC (blueberries were too large to pop in this time) and she actually ate a whole one (doesn't she know there's bananas in them??)

Not bad, they are quite plain, mainly for TC's sake but were made with ingredients from the cupboard and best of all I know what's in them.  Next time I will use a bit of honey in them too for a little extra sweetness, I've not tried baking with honey yet and maybe more fruit for extra juiciness :)

Happy Sunday!