Moving Forward

Its been a fraught few days here with a viral bug and lots of sleeping and cuddles with Toddler Chick - (as she is now affectionately known, it was time to move her forward from Baby Chick).  I always find these "moving forward" times particularly hard, the putting away of speedily outgrown babygro's to wearing pyjamas, the moving onto solids, the speed at which they get up and starting pelting around when once they were completely reliant on us, etc and the things we will never do again because she is growing up in what seems like a speeded up film.   Life is one long moving forward process, you can't stop or slow it down, its going on with or without you.  Its like that quote:

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back” - Harvey Mackay

Older Mums blog post recently about saying bon voyage to mummys milk (even writing that gave me a lump in my throat) made me think of motherhood the first time round when I shed silent happy & sad tears (the ones that just spill out & roll down your face without prompting) through some of the milestones.  I love seeing TC grow and learn, its just all going a little too fast!  This time round I find myself comparing experiences from then and now, times and some of the advice given out may have changed but a lot of things do seem to remain the same, I just know what and who to listen to this time!

I flicked through my photos of TC from the day of her birth to the present day, I take photos and videos of her almost daily, little snippets in time, I could look them all day and those of my firstborn too, but when you flick through them in order you really see just how much they change and so quickly.  I wish I could relive that first year again and again, some people will be thinking "are you kidding me??" no, I love that newborn phase, I know its the hardest part, the constant feeding, the lack of sleep, the lack of time to shower or eat!  But that time is so precious and over in a flash, makes me want to have another (I want to see Mr J fall off his chair when he reads this haha!).

TC has come through the other side of her bug today, bug begone I say, after 3 days of virtual non-eating, she ate breakfast this morning of fresh fruit and porridge, mummy is happy again, the instinct to feed our babies is a strong one - I am slightly bleary eyed but seeing TC running around & playing again is fabulous!

a lovely sight, an empty bowl!


  1. I agree, it is hard when they move through those early milestones. I remember weeping as I folded away all Pip's baby clothes - I wanted the time back and for him to stay little for just a bit longer.

    Over time I've found that each new stage brings it's own blessings and rewards - at far so good!

    1. Having done all this once before I kind of know whats coming, before I know it she will be a teenager! You're right though the blessings and rewards are are all good!