Let's Do Lunch

The glorious weather continues hooray! but it does make my appetite wane a little.  All I wanted today was something light, fresh & filling enough to see me through the afternoon. 

A lovely light lunch of Cherry Tomatoes, Radishes, Cucumber, Avocado, lightly sprinkled with golden linseeds and drizzled with extra virgin Olive oil, accompanied by a glass of Sassy Water straight from the fridge.

Whats in your lunch box?


  1. You are my source of healthy inspiration! Love the look of your lunch, but I would have liked a sneaky bit of bread or a roll with lots of butter to go with it as well.:0).

    This week, my fav lunches have been warm lentil salad and then one day I had a jacket potato with left over ratatouille from the day before. Delicious. I'd been looking forward to it all day.

    But, in this hot weather, I don't reckon you can go wrong with a good tasty tomato salad. I am craving some bruschetta!

  2. Your lunches sound fab but its so hot here I can only eat something hot in the evening. I love ratatouille (I even love typing ratatouille!). I do eat bread but only when the fancy takes me, I never deprive myself LOL!!