Let the Sneezing Commence!

The pollen season has well and truly begun, back in March when we had our first taste of "summer" I started to feel like someone had shoved an Alka Seltzer up my nose.  Once the tree pollen starts to emerge from the buds of my cherry and apple trees and the countless trees in neighbouring gardens, my nose starts to twitch, then as soon as I wake up and enter the kitchen, wham!  the sneezing begins! 

Different types of pollen are released throughout the year from about March starting with the tree pollen, then we have the grasses and let's not forget the "weed" (I don't call them weeds, I have dandelions on my lawn amongst the daisies and very welcome they are too) pollen and this all goes on until around September.

The pollen count is pretty low at the moment due to the rain (I knew there was an upside to all this much needed rain apart from refilling the resevoirs! ) but still I'm sneezing and spluttering somewhat.  My nose is so twitchy that I'm having to wear those rather fetching nose strips at night, the postman thinks it highly amusing when I answer the door forgetting I still have it on!

Its not helped by this as I open the front bedroom curtains in the morning at the moment, but so worth it for the view -

 and this at the back, 

those glorious mellow yellow flowers are so very pretty but so very itchy on my nose!  



  1. I have the same problem, a yearly sneezathon competition! I was once told that eating local honey works but it didn't and I know have many many fillings!

    1. heard that about the honey but not tried it. I like honey but we'd probably have to eat a bucketload for it to have an effect!

  2. Replies
    1. aatschooo! it certainly is :)

    2. I took those pics this week, we had one beautiful day amongst all the damp stuff.

  3. Oh that must be so annoying for you - having hay fever - although the way things are going at the moment I would say you might have a better summer. Those pictures are fabulous - what a beautiful you live - what a view to wake up to!

  4. it is annoying, but like you say at the moment its rain rain rain so not as bad but would like a warm summer please, even with all the sneezing :) I never take that view for granted.