Finally, some sun...

The sun had his hat on this weekend, hip hip hip hooray!  I know we needed the rain and very pleased I was to see it and our local ponds are lovely and full again, but it was so good to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again.

I spent a lot of time in the garden battling back the over growth that should have been sorted in April, I used to do all the gardening myself but now I've enlisted the help of R & A who do all the grunt work, which saves my back for all the other stuff.  I do love my garden, the soil must be good here as everything I plant grows like crazy!

beautiful blue borage out in force

A few years ago the boys from next door must have chucked a conker over because I can find no other way it could have found its way into the garden and it managed to germinate and now we have a mini horse chestnut tree. 

I want to leave it there but I suspect I will be encouraged to move it soon because my baby conker tree will one day be a little beauty like this one at the pond's edge.

I like to plant tree seeds and have a few on the go, sadly my baby oak didn't make it through the winter so I'm on the hunt for acorns this year, not many oak trees to be found here.

I must find a place for all the potted plants this year, I have Hazel the hazel tree, Maggie the magnolia, Willow the .. well you get the idea and Sid Sycamore!!  Some will stay here but I need to find good homes for Willow & Sid.

This morning the sun has deserted us again and its starting to cloud over and rain, nice while it lasted, hope to see you again soon Mr Sunshine.


  1. The borage reminds me of a time my aunt made a lovely homemade cheesecake and decorated it with borage flowers from her garden. It looked fabulous.

  2. Sounds like you have a lovely garden! I like that you have names for your trees. I wish it would be little sunnier and a little warmer though. I don't know if I'm going to get to wear my new tshirts this year!