And so it continues...

How utterly brilliant is this weather!  I hear people complaining about the heat and want to stop them in their tracks, wasn't it just last month we were deluged in rain and more rain??  Let's just enjoy it while we can, I am learning to live for today even though I sometimes falter I am trying to get in the groove of not saving things for a rainy day.

My second baby Miss TC is a summer baby, born right smack bang in the middle of summer, I remember the days after her birth being warm and light and easy, that's what summer means to me, easy, relaxed living.  Eating lighter, being outdoors in the warmth of the sun, being outdoors in the cool of the evening night eating alfresco.  The cold makes me tense, snow, unless I have ski's attached to my feet, makes me want to hibernate.  I'm sure in another life I must have lived in the sun as I love it so much. 

I know my grass is going steadily browner, except for the bit under the apple tree which gets the dappled shade

a haircut needed this week!
and we have a hosepipe and paddling pool filling ban  and I have started getting bitten by little meany munching things but even though its only May, I still treat this as summer, just in case this is all we get this year!

A few things that are so great when the sun shines:

Eating icecream, anytime, any place, anywhere!

Seeing the diamond twinkly sparkle dancing on the sea

Long, light days and evenings spent in the fresh air

The aroma of BBQ's wafting from the gardens and of course...

Wearing sparkly flip flops!

Are you enjoying this heatwave??



  1. I shared a cornetto with Little A on a grass verge the other evening (we dont have a garden) and it was lovely! Its going to be colder again this weekend!

  2. so sweet, we share icecream too, we have an Italian friend who owns a seafront cafe & he spoils her way too much with icecream! Hope the weather stays warm for the festivities at least!