10 Things I Love

1.  Feeling my toddler girl putting her hand in mine, that soft little hand makes my heart melt a little each time she does it.  I hope she wants to hold my hand for many years to come.  I'll always be there to hold hers when she needs me.

2.  Sleeping in.  Every now and then I get a very rare but very welcome lie in and by that I mean 9 am but I'll take it!

3.  The aroma of coffee and freshly baked croissants from the local French Patisserie Valerie on Saturday mornings, preferably eaten in the fresh air, basking in the sunshine.  Make mine an extra shot skinny latte!  Then taking home a couple of cakes, you have to see these cakes to believe them, they are spectacular.

4.  Watching TC running to see the ducks and geese at the local pond and them legging it fast!  Its a joy to see her having fun in the fresh air.  

ha! here I come!
5.  Taking time to watch the sun set, there's something about dusk that just unwinds me and seeing the sun set is something I never take for granted, another day lived, bring on the next ......

6.  The smell of bleach as I enter the kitchen, this means whilst I've been out Mr J has been swabbing the deck aka the kitchen.  We joke about starting a good girl board when TC is older and how we should start one for him, his reward being beer!

7.  Watching my babies sleep, listening to them breathing softly in sleep.  To have this chance again with no. 2 brings back all the precious memories of watching no.1 snoozing, its all in the room upstairs in my head, safely tucked away, the memories just keep on popping out, making me smile and sometimes a few tears.  Listen when they say it all goes so fast .......

8.  My garden... I really enjoy gardening and on any given sunny, warm day I could potter around, digging, potting, planting seeds, watching the bumble bees, butterflies and the rare sighting of a dragonfly or sit and  close my eyes and bathe in the warmth of the summer sun.  

9.  Books, the pile of books I have yet to read grows each day or seems to.   I read every day, even if it is on the loo!

and 10.  Snuggling up to TC at the end of the day, reading her a story, she still feels warm from her bath, she smells so wonderful all cosy in her pyjama's.  She has a sigh that she does when she is ready to slip into peaceful slumber.   Utterly.priceless.

I could write many more things about cheesey toddler grins, wonderful bear hugs from no.1 child, the many ups and downs of life with a child and the many, many rewards of being a parent - 10 things, who could choose, just the tip of a very large iceberg.


  1. I love the hand holding too. I'm with you on a good take away coffee, but unfortunately I just can't bring myself to order skinny. It's such a treat, it feels like it's not quite as enjoyable unless it's full fat!

    1. she comes & holds my hand every morning to wake me with a Mama! love it! I'm trying to channel my more skinny self with a skinny cappuccino or latte!

  2. A lovely post, really enjoyed ready this x