Sleep is for Wimps!

I know it's very important for a baby's development (and most Mothers' sanity) that they get enough naps in the day.   I do believe that sleep begets sleep, the better they sleep in their daytime naps the better they will sleep at night.  It's also thought that sleep is crucial to your child’s brain development and helps process and consolidate all the different things they have learnt each day and to help fuel their physical growth too.   I also believe in routines for babies and toddlers, works well for us.... usually.

Why is it though that when the baby or toddler is napping we feel the need to get the house straight, to fill/unpack the dishwasher - anything but make a well deserved cuppa and flake out on the couch for an hour (or two if you are lucky) with those Loose Women.

In the early days I would snatch a few zzz's, or should I say passed out, whilst TC was napping but mostly I would get on with things and usually regret it once she was up and I was by then needing a nap myself!   By the time she was 11 months old she had dropped the two naps a day down to one.  At first it was an adjustment but really it was much better as we could go out much more, although I did miss her falling asleep as soon as the car started moving once her seat was in the back.  I've always loved that about both my babies, there's something so peaceful and calming about driving along with a sleeping infant, the rest of world out there and me cocooned in a warm car, so relaxing...  I've also spent many a time parked up my drive with either baby (many years apart remember) back from a shopping trip, not wanting to move the baby in case he/she woke, so phoned Mr J in the house to bring me out a cuppa, mad!
So for 2 days last week TC decided that sleep is for wimps and did not have her late morning sleep.  Strangely though, I thought she might be over tired by her bath time at 6.30pm but no, she was like the energiser bunny, still going.  But then once she hit the hay, off she went and didn't stir till 8.30am!

Yesterday, however, she succumbed, maybe because we spent an hour down at the beach in the morning and the sea air must have had some effect.  I was very pleased to have the nap reinstated.  She usually sleeps for up to 2 hours a day and as soon as her eyes pop open she is up and atom and raring to go so I have to be too!   I have no idea what set off this nap hiatus, growth spurt??

But now the question remains, when will TC drop her one daytime nap, someone mentioned to me that this would probably happen between the ages of 2 and 3 (my memories of this first time round are a bit fuzzy round the edges, like me I think!) but each toddler has their own way and TC seems to adore her night time sleeps so I'm hoping for the upper end of the napping scale.

If not, 1 of 3 things may happen : 

a)  nothing will get done until she is down for the night and there goes my evening as I usually work when she's napping.

b) I will need a double shot latte (Costa's are already a double shot so make mine another double just in case) during the transition period.
c) I will be crawling into bed by 9pm!

Or maybe its time to move her morning nap to after lunch, I like change when its for the better but whatever is better for her is what matters.

When did your toddler drop their naps for good??  I believe in fresh air, sunshine & sleep!



  1. Mine was two and a half. I blame Christmas, with all the relatives coming and going, and all the excitement he missed it for a few days - and never went back to it. Oddly enough though, he does suddenly revert back to having it for a stretch of a few days at a time on occassion, I put it down to him having a growth spurt. We have 'quiet time' on the sofa after lunch and I find that sometimes he'll just put himself to sleep and sometimes he won't. It is hard adjusting to the loss of the daytime sleep. I used to treasure that hour and a half! x

    1. I like the sound of 'quiet time' not something I'm familiar with here, she's a lively, very amusing toddler!

  2. Little A is now two and I think she will drop at some point this year. I am not looking forward to it as its the time, like you, I get stuff done and blog! We've also had napping stikes which have lasted a couple of days, and then she has started napping again. I agree, I think this happens during growth spurts and teething.

    1. I think the same has happened here, a napping strike! But she napped again today so hoping if I put her down at the usual time she will continue to have a snooze for a few more months.

  3. New follower:) None of my two had naps after they were 2. Mine were good to play in their rooms for half an hour. I'd have them playing where I am so things get done anyway. Or they help me with what ever I'm doing:)

    1. Welcome New Follower. I do the same, wherever she wants to play is the room I get things done in, lots of things half done sometimes :)